The Young and the Restless Spoilers Update: Friday, January 8 – Stormy Plane Scare – Kyle, Summer, Billy & Lily Panic

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Update: Friday, January 8 – Stormy Plane Scare - Kyle, Summer, Billy & Lily Panic

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers update for Friday, January 8, teases that Elena Dawson (Brytni Sarpy) is in bed drinking Champagne as Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) gets out of the shower.

Elena feels they waited until the perfect time to take this step forward. She mentions a text Nate received, so he checks it and sees that it’s from Lily Winters (Christel Khalil).

Elena suggests it might be important and urges Nate to go meet up with Lily now. Meanwhile, Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) is at Chancellor Communications with Lily and updates her on a new deal that’s almost sealed.

They’re on the verge of purchasing a health care resource website, but they have to fly to Seattle tonight so they can be there to wrap things up in the morning.

Billy encourages Lily to meet with Nate about a job offer while he handles the flight plan. Once Nate catches up with Lily at Society, they talk about Ask M.D. and how the brand needs a personality and face. “You want me to be a spokesperson?” a surprised Nate asks.

Lily argues that it’d be a much bigger role than that and feels like he’d be someone people would trust. This is a great chance to be a role model. Nate worries Lily’s just doing this because his last hand surgery didn’t go well, but she truly believes he’s the right fit. Nate can’t make any promises, but he’ll think about it.

At The Grand Phoenix, Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) spots Summer Newman (Hunter King) with her suitcase. Summer’s in a hurry, but Sally tries to stall her long enough to figure out her destination.

When Summer starts to leave anyway, Sally reminds her that she still hasn’t revealed where she’s going. “Right, I didn’t,” Summer says as she saunters out.

Later, Sally spots Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) and joins him for a drink in the lobby. She fishes to find out where Summer went, so Jack spills that Summer and Kyle are headed to LA on business.

Sally gets the news that this involves a deal with Spencer Publications and looks nervous. Jack notes that it’s a quick trip and “Skyle” will be pretty busy. “I bet they will be,” Sally quips.

When Billy comes bopping on the Jabot jet, Kyle flips out. He reserved the plane for their LA trip hours ago. Billy notes that he’s been an Abbott a long time and knows how to call in a favor. He advises Kyle to check his email, where he’s sure Kyle will find a new itinerary that includes a stop in Seattle.

Summer shows up and demands to know what Billy’s doing there. After Billy explains, Summer reluctantly agrees to let Billy piggyback on their flight since they’re all headed in the same direction.

Billy makes it clear that Seattle has to be the first stop, but Kyle gripes since they booked the jet first.

Lily arrives and questions if this is a carpool situation. Kyle admits he might throw roll the window down and throw Billy out over Iowa. Lily sarcastically suggests this is going to be a fun flight. “Tell me about it,” Summer says with a scowl.

At Crimson Lights, Elena approaches Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) and admits she took his words about moving on to heart. Elena can’t keep living with the weight of regret.

Devon suggests maybe this is how things were supposed to turn out. He can’t keep focusing on his anger, so Elena wonders if Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) is one reason for that.

Devon assures Elena that he’s just friends with Amanda. As for Nate, Devon can’t promise he won’t be jealous when he spots Elena with him, but Devon will try not to be. That’s all Elena can ask for.

Devon and Elena bid each other goodnight before parting ways with sad smiles. Devon gazes off after Elena as she walks away.

In Amanda’s suite, Imani Benedict (Leigh-Ann Rose) barges in and insists Amanda should stop this game she’s playing. Amanda says she’s not playing games and wonders if Naya Benedict (Ptosha Storey) sent Imani.

However, Imani came on her own and warns Amanda that others have tried to take advantage of her family.

No one threatens Imani’s family and gets away with it – just ask anyone who’s tried! Imani demands to know which enemy Amanda works for, but Amanda doesn’t know anything about the Benedicts’ enemies. She doesn’t want money and certainly doesn’t want publicity.

Imani doesn’t believe Amanda and insists she’s Naya’s only child. Amanda isn’t surprised that Naya lied to spare Imani. She brings up Naya’s cousin, Rose Turner, as well as the time Naya took off from college.

Amanda wonders if Naya’s mentioned any of that, so Imani admits her mom hasn’t. “Everything you think is fact is actually fiction,” Amanda insists.

Amanda thinks it’s good that Imani is so protective of Naya, but it’s preventing her from being objective. “What con could I possibly be trying to pull?” Amanda asks. Imani guesses maybe this is just Amanda’s thing – that she’s targeted powerful families before.

Amanda argues that she’s a respected lawyer and wouldn’t sabotage her career. One DNA test and her scheme would go down the drain.

Imani notes that she did some digging. She finds it suspicious that it’s so hard to find out anything about Amanda online. Amanda protests that she was being stalked, so Imani assumes it was by one of the families Amanda’s targeted.

Since Imani has the means and resources to find out the truth, she points out she could expose the real story.

Imani starts to leave, but Amanda shouts that they’re not done yet. “Oh, we’re so done,” Imani yells back. She reminds Amanda of what she’s capable of. “I can ruin you! I’ve done it before!” Imani declares as she opens the door and sashays away.

Back with Sally, she tells Jack that her decision to move to Genoa City was the right one. Jack feels they’re all better for it and thanks Sally for keeping him company.

Once Jack’s gone, Sally mutters to herself about Summer having business in LA and wonders what her rival’s up to. She texts Summer that she’s heard about the trip to her “old stomping grounds” and suggests taking selfies in Runyon.

Sally adds that if Summer sees any of the Spencers, then she should tell them hi for her. Once Summer receives the text, she realizes that Sally knows. Summer feels this text is a reminder that Sally’s watching her every move.

Lily tries to chat with Summer and Kyle, who aren’t interested in talking. Billy texts Lily about it being downright frosty in there, so they laugh and get a dirty look from Summer. Kyle won the battle for going to LA first, but he hasn’t given up on throwing Billy out the window.

Summer’s still stuck on the text from Sally and wants to stay five steps ahead of her. Kyle insists that Summer’s so far ahead that all Sally can see is her dust. Even so, underestimating Sally is a mistake that Summer does NOT intend to make.

Back in Amanda’s suite, Devon’s listening to her rant about Imani. Amanda suspects maybe Naya sent Imani there, but Devon wonders what kind of mom would send her kid on an errand like that. Amanda suggests the same kind of mom who’d get her birth daughter’s hopes up about a meeting and bail.

Devon argues that Naya was scared, but Amanda remains livid about Imani’s visit. “One daughter counts and the other one doesn’t,” Amanda contends. She rants about Imani coming to her with the claws out. Amanda has half a mind to force her newfound sister to back her words up.

Devon says he’s not trying to defend Naya, so Amanda snaps that’s good to know. She’s not buying the idea that Naya was overwhelmed and just needed time to process it all.

Amanda grumbles about Naya sending a child to deal with what she should’ve dealt with herself. Devon notes that Naya doesn’t have to deal with Amanda at all, so Amanda says she won’t let Naya get away with blowing her off.

“I was supposed to meet Naya today…I will!” Amanda declares. She tried playing nice, but look where it got her. Amanda has been on her own all her life, so she shuts Devon’s attempt to go with her. This is something Amanda intends to handle alone.

Outside Naya’s house, Amanda rings the doorbell and shouts that she’s not leaving until Naya opens up or calls the police. She keeps yelling about how she doubts Naya wants this kind of attention in such a quiet neighborhood.

“Folks are gonna start gossiping!” Amanda insists. She claims people are already looking out their windows and we can hear dogs barking like crazy in the distance.

“You are gonna be the TALK OF THE TOWN!” Amanda adds in Friday’s Young and the Restless episode. Naya finally opens up and they have a powerful moment as they lock eyes with each other.

Nate returns to his suite with Elena and finds out she had a good talk with Devon. After Nate reveals the job offer from Lily, Elena thinks it’s kind of hot that he might be famous – “Internet famous” even! She talks Nate into doing a screentest and starts shooting him on his phone.

Nate discusses tips for staying fit and laughs as Elena teases him. Elena wants Nate to take his shirt off and says “bow chicka wow wow” after he does what he’s told. Nate eventually touts the cardio benefits of sleeping together and suggests that he demonstrate, so Elena quickly shuts off her phone so they can get steamy again.

After Nate texts Lily on Friday’s Y&R episode, she tells Billy that Nate’s still thinking about the offer. Billy feels confident Lily will get what she wants like she always does. Summer asks about what Billy and Lily’s deal, but Lily is cagey. Summer realizes it’s a “wait for the press release” situation.

Just outside The Grand Phoenix, Sally calls Coco Spectra (Courtney Grosbeck) and confesses things aren’t going as well as expected. She fills her sister in on Summer and Kyle’s trip to LA.

Sally notes that they’re going to Spencer Publications and it’s pretty obvious what they’re doing. Sally’s biggest fear is that Summer will find out what happened right before she left town.

“Oh, man. What I wouldn’t give for a thunderstorm over the Rockies right now,” Sally admits. Back on the jet, the pilot warns the gang to fasten their seatbelts since they’ll be flying through rough weather.

Lily says she hates turbulence, but Billy says not to worry since it can’t be that bad. Kyle, Summer, Billy and Lily all look unsettled as the ride gets bumpy.

As other Y&R news comes in, we’ll keep you in the loop. The Young and the Restless spoilers say some exciting twists and turns are still to come, so stay tuned. CDL’s your go-to source for fantastic Young and the Restless spoilers, updates and news, so stop by again soon.