The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Wednesday, September 15 Recap – Ashland Refuses to Reveal Real Name

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Wednesday, September 15 Recap – Ashland Refuses to Reveal Real Name

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers recap for Wednesday, September 15, reveals that Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi) will refuse to reveal his real name and will ultimately call out Billy Abbott’s (Jason Thompson) addict behavior. Here’s what Y&R has coming up in Wednesday’s exciting episode.

At the ranch, Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi) will recap the story of changing his name and moving around a lot to avoid his abusive father.

After Ashland gets short of breath and has to sit down, Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) will acknowledge how stressful this must be.

Billy will wonder why Ashland’s parents didn’t reach out after he made it big.

However, Ashland will argue that his mom and dad certainly weren’t the type to keep up with what was happening on Wall Street or in the media world.

Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) will have questions as well, but Ashland will try to explain away any lingering concerns.

Ashland will contend that his parents didn’t deserve any part of his success, so he never cared what became of them.

That said, Ashland did decide to try contacting his mother eventually.

Ashland wanted to tell his mom that he understood she was scared and offer forgiveness, but it was too late since both his mother and father had died a few years prior.

Billy will pipe up to ask where they’re buried and what the names on the gravestones are. He’ll point out that Ashland hasn’t even told them his real name, but Ashland will insist he’s not going to.

Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) will point out that Ashland’s only willing to reveal part of the truth, but he won’t see what purpose it’d serve to reveal his parents’ identities.

After Ashland argues that he has no desire to drag his mother and father’s names through the mud, Victor will think that’s very generous of him.

Billy will push Ashland to come clean or else he’ll find out anyway, but Ashland will insist he’s taken steps to keep things private. They’ll get into a shouting match before Victor lashes out at Billy and puts him in his place.

At home later, Ashland will worry it was a mistake to invite Billy to that meeting since his paranoia clearly stems from jealousy.

Victoria won’t be sure she agrees with that and will think it’s more about how Billy doesn’t like to be wrong.

Victoria will suggest that Billy’s just going to keep turning over rocks until he uncovers something he thinks proves him right again.

Ashland will think that’s the behavior of an addict, so Victoria will admit she knows since it’s what drove Billy to gamble all those years.

When Ashland decides to rectify his invitation mistake with a one-on-one meeting, Victoria will advise against it.

Unfortunately, Ashland won’t be willing to just sit around and let this keep happening. He’ll make it clear that Billy won’t walk away from this conversation feeling in control this time.

At the penthouse, Moses Winters (Jacob Aaron Gaines) will offer updates to Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) since his mom is willing to let him stay in Genoa City and work at a Hamilton-Winters internship.

Devon will realize Moses didn’t reveal that he’d be working on the music side of things, but Moses will promise to share that when the time is right.

At Crimson Lights, Faith Newman (Reylynn Caster) will chat with Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) about his coffee order and her upcoming date with Moses.

Nate will admit he knows what Moses has planned, but he’ll stay tight-lipped since it’s a surprise.

Afterward, Moses will fill Faith in on the good news about being able to stay in GC. They’ll discuss how their date’s happening this weekend – though Faith won’t be sure she can wait that long since the surprise is killing her!

At Society, Elena Dawson (Brytni Sarpy) will drag herself to an Ask MD Now meeting after working a double shift. She’ll assure Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) that she’s excited despite her exhaustion and will pep up after some coffee.

When Nate arrives, Lily will kid around about no more doubt shifts since they don’t want to work Elena into the ground. However, Elena will suggest Lily shouldn’t even joke about Nate pulling strings and will vow to work a double when she needs to.

Once Lily’s gone, Elena will assure Nate that no one’s said anything directly to her at the hospital, but people have been more careful around her since she’s the boss’ girlfriend.

Nate will think that’ll change once people realize he’s not going to abuse his power. Soon after, Elena will end up having to head home and nap since she’ll be about to fall asleep at the table.

Back at Victoria’s place, Nick will stop by to check on his sister. Victoria will rant about Billy being an entitled little brat and won’t think having a media company gives him carte blanche to snoop.

When Nick learns Ashland has gone to confront Billy, he’ll assume that’s not going to end well! Nevertheless, what Nick will really want to talk about is how Victoria’s holding up after all Ashland’s revelations.

At the ranch again, Nikki won’t know how Victor can be OK with Victoria marrying Ashland when they don’t even know his real name.

Victor will acknowledge that Ashland glossed over the details, but he’ll relate to Ashland’s desire to cover up a painful childhood.

Since Victor will feel like Ashland loves and values Victoria, that’ll go a long way in his book.

Victor will think Ashland is certainly better than the last guy Victoria was with, so Nikki will realize Victor’s favorite thing about Ashland is that he isn’t Billy.

At ChancComm, Billy will tell Lily about Ashland’s long childhood story that may or may not be true.

Billy will explain that Ashland Locke said Ashland Locke doesn’t exist and will fill in the other details off screen.

Billy will point out that Ashland’s story resembles Victor’s story perfectly – and he’ll think Nikki was buying into it too since she had an abusive father.

Lily will ask if Billy’s suggesting that Ashland made everything up, but Billy will argue that he just isn’t taking anything at face value when it comes to Ashland.

Billy will want to keep investigating, but Lily will be concerned since the story could be true. In that case, they’d be hounding a man in the last months of his life for no good reason.

Billy will counter that he’s not harassing Ashland and will walk away if nothing is there, but he’ll feel confident there’s indeed more to uncover.

Since Ashland’s father is dead, Billy won’t get why Ashland wouldn’t just reveal his real name. He’ll assure Lily that he’s not looking to cause pain and won’t run anything if it’s not newsworthy.

Lily won’t think Billy’s interest in all this is professional, so Billy won’t like where this is going. Lily will wonder if Billy would care this much if anyone besides Victoria were with Ashland.

“I can answer that,” Ashland will declare angrily as he walks in. “No, he wouldn’t care a bit.”

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Ashland and Billy’s feud is about to rev up, so stay tuned.

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