Chicago PD Recap 01/12/22: Season 9 Episode 11 “Lies”

Chicago PD Recap 01/12/22: Season 9 Episode 11 "Lies"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, January 12, 2022, season 9 episode 11 called, “Lies” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. In tonight’s Chicago PD season 9 episode 11 called, “Lies,” as per the NBC synopsis,“Voight employs his new informant to help solve a tricky drug trafficking case; Atwater, who once again struggles to reconcile his personal and professional life, reaches a decision.”

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Chicago PD begins tonight with Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) purchasing his first place, being called a very brave man and is offered the best of luck. Kevin is dancing with Celeste Nichols (Amanda Payton), who presents him with a beautiful painting of a complete black family, to hang on his new place. He says her student Bobby can paint his whole wall if he likes. He gets a call and she thinks it is a maintenance call as she has no idea he is CPD. He says it is Jordan and he needs to go pop some locks, promising to be back.

Kevin arrives on scene, where Kim Burgess Imarina Squerciati) and Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) tell him there are two bodies and they are drug related. There was a 3 year old in the car when they arrived, apparently dropping the mother off at rehab, but wanted one more high on the way. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) joins them, saying this is 8 bodies now from Arturo Tovar’s (Christopher Bencomo) bad dope. Kevin is ordered to set up for a big buy tonight and to make it happen!

Kevin meets with Jimmy Chavez (Brian Marc), who tells Kevin not to say a word to his brother Fernando (Cory Smoot). Kevin assures Jimmy that he won’t say a word to his brother as Jimmy brags about it being one of Tovar’s drop houses as Kim and Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) watch. Adam feels bad for the dude, saying if he wasn’t selling bad drugs he kind of likes him. The two discuss how the lawyer is not calling her back as Adam reminds her it might take a while and this guy may have a real custody case with Makayla.

Kevin and Jimmy walk down the stairs as Kim is surprised that there is someone else is there. Jimmy doesn’t need Tovar’s babysitters in something he is four plays into already. Kevin backing him up. Kevin says he paid for 2.5 kilos and they only gave him 2. Jimmy stops the argument from escalating. Kevin says things are good and he will talk to him outside. Kevin berates him outside, saying he trusts him. Jimmy says he will get it roght but then spots the van approaching, telling Kevin to run as its the cops. Kevin stands there as Jimmy gets arrested, making him realize who Kevin is.

In the interrogation room, Kevin shows Jimmy pictures, admitting that Frankie doesn’t know he is a cop. Jimmy is upset that he let Kevin into his life. Kevin says they don’t want Jimmy, they want him to help them get Arturo; Jimmy refuses as Kevin says if Jimmy takes the time in prison he will never see his brother compete in the UFC. Kevin promises him if he helps him, he will ensure that he doesn’t do any jail time and this could get him out of the life; asking again if Jimmy will help.

Kevin is stopped by Kim, who says that Jimmy didn’t have too much to say and she is surprised that this is the first time she saw anyone willing to take the beat for a cop, and he worked him really well. Celeste messages Kevin, as Kim wants to know when they are going to meet his mystery lady and he says soon.

In the squad room, Voight is brought up to speed on the case and how Jimmy is going. Kevin is going to be introduced to Tovar after the fight. No one of the team can be inside for the fight as they are too light, Voight says they need to play this one really smooth.

Kevin walks into the bar with Jimmy, encouraging him to lighten up as they are there for his brother, who is going to win so he needs to look happy. Jimmy questions Kevin about everything he said to him, sayign it is easy to lie even if a little bit of it is the truth; Tovar walks into the bar, where Jimmy goes to speak to him. Jimmy is sure that his brother is going to win as Kevin brings up how much drugs he would like to purchase from him. Tovar tells Jimmy they are not going to talk about this before a match and walks away. Jimmy is nervous as Kevin says this is better and calls him back with him.

Jimmy and Kevin enter the “arena” area, as Jimmy says he is the one who needs to talk. Kevin watches as Jimmy gives words of encouragement to his brother who is called into the octagon. Kevin shouts for Nando to fight, but he is tossed around the octagon like a rag doll. Kevin is forced to tell the team that he lost eyes on Jimmy. Adam has no sound on him, wondering what is going on. Kevin begins to search the crowd as the bell sounds.

Kevin searches the building, ends up in the back office, saying jimmy isn’t back there. Tovar finds him, saying he was looking for a bathroom, but Tovar pulls a gun on him as Tovar says he doesn’t like him. Kevin said feeling is mutual but he is allowed to walk away.

Outside, Voight spots someone leaving the building, they think it is Jimmy in another jacket. Voight orders Hailey to pick him up, but when she calls his name he runs and is able to jack a car, running over the person who owns the car. She calls for an ambulance and gives all the information, informing Voight that their CI is running.

Voight demands to know how this happened and what is Jimmy up to. Kevin doesn’t think that Jimmy is loyal to Tovar and probably feels the deal isn’t legit and ran. Hailey thinks they can bring Fernando in, or breach his phone because it is certain Jimmy will be in touch. Voight feels they have 60 years on jimmy and he doesn’t get to escape. Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) comes in, informing them they have another OD from the bad batch from Tovar. She is holding off the brass but they are being called in. Voight orders everyone to check every place Jimmy would go, hit up their Cis as they guy didn’t just vanish.

Voight meets with Anna Avalos (Carmela Zumbado) saying he needs to her to find Jimmy Chavez and some bad dope got out. She is upset that he is working for him to find a low end dealer, but Hank tells they will get to the gang once she has proven herself as a CI, she says she will find him.

They are working on where Jimmy could have possibly went but Kevin gets another message from Celeste and excuses himself. He hides things in his glovebox, saying to Celeste he forgot but introduces himself to Bobby, saying whatever he wants to do to this space he is down for. Kevin grows concerned when a car approaches and parks at the side of the road with no plates. He tells Celeste they are good and says she should head home, saying he is too.

Kevin returns to the precinct where Trudy informs him that they have a lead on where Jimmy is. Kim informs Kevin that Jimmy was about 2 blocks away from his new place, Kevin gets defensive but Kim says she wasn’t suggesting he was hanging out with Jimmy. Voight takes Kevin and they go to meet with Anna who informs them that Jimmy stole $75K from Tovar and has a bounty on his head. She admits that her source said Tovar caught Jimmy on camera stealing the money. Jimmy is going to find his brother to make sure he gets the money, Voight tells him to get eyes on Nando immediately.

Voight hands Anna money, which she finds ironic that he is doing it in a church. She questions Voight about Jimmy being his CI and wants to know why he is running from Voight. He says most people would give anything to not do what she is doing. Most people see it as a death sentence, walking away from her as she sighs.

Adam joins the team who is in an alleyway where the last ping was for Jimmy, Voight orders them to surround the place. They spot blood on the one door and a body with a machete on the floor. Kevin is shocked to find Nando all bloody on the floor. He helps with the gunshot to the stomach as Adam calls for an ambulance. Fernando says they wanted Jimmy, but he got two of tehm. Kevin begs him to keep fighting, telling him to stay in the fight as it is not over. Nando struggles and moans as Kevin looks on shaken.

Kevin walks with the EMTs bringing Nando into the ambulance. Everyone is worried that Jimmy is a dead man if Tovar finds him. Voight wants to know where Tovar went and where the hell Jimmy is. Kevin gets a call from Celeste, refusing to answer. Kim talks about the area, wondering if he is okay. Kevin says he saw Jimmy at his building last night but he didn’t call in because he didn’t have his radio on him; forcing him to admit that he is seeing Celeste, the girl from the case. He says he cannot make this a thing because he never told Celeste that he is a cop. She is shocked and wants to know why he would lie to her.

Adam and Kim stand by as Jimmy calls him. He wants to know what happened to his brother, Kevin saying he is going to be fine but he need him to come in. Kevin insists that his brother is alive but he is going to be a lot safer with him as Tovar has a bounty on his ass. Jimmy hangs up as Adam says they will ping his phone.

The unit reunites at the precinct, Voight telling them to get warrants out. Adam returns saying Nando pulled through surgery and will survive. Trudy comes up as Voight tells them to get to Med and keep an eye on Nando as they are sure Jimmy will go there. Trudy informs them that they caught Jimmy at a red light camera, about ten minutes ago. Voight tells them to move on it.

Kevin spots the car in an alleyway, but no Jimmy. Kevin exits the car and finds that Tovar’s car is there too. He approaches the building, going dark and no backup. Kevin walks in the building with his gun drawn as he hears moaning. He sees Jimmy with a gun pointed at Tovar’s head. Kevin demands him to put the gun down. He says Nando was shot but he is alive, something Jimmy doesn’t believe him. Jimmy says he is not stupid but Kevin assures him that he walked Nando to the ambulance himself and he is going to make sure things are all right. Jimmy doesn’t think he can trust Kevin, who ends up putting his gun on the ground. He says Jimmy is going to jail, but it doesn’t have to be murder and he isn’t lying when he says he can make this all straight and go away. Jimmy shoots and kills Tovar forcing Kevin to arrest Jimmy, saying he didn’t have to run and this has to be self defense, pleading with Kevin to agree with his version of it.

Kim and Adam walk in, making sure Kevin is okay. Adam takes Jimmy away as Kim gives Kevin a long glance before following Adam. Kevin stands conflicted in the empty building. Outside, Kim learns Kevin is okay. He confesses that he knows what has to be done with Celeste. Voight approaches him, saying Jimmy is pleading self defense. Kevin tells Voight the truth, which contradicts Jimmy’s account of things.

Kevin returns home, holding his badge. He exits the car and looks at his new place. Celeste is inside, all excited about creating a new recipe she saw on tik tok. She offers him a beer as he is very serious. He doesn’t want a beer but she knows he is not okay as he says they need to talk. She thinks he is freaked that she made him dinner or wants to take things slower. He says maybe a little bit as she gets serious.

Kevin takes a moment as she says she is not going to pull it out of him whatever he has to say. He shows her his badge and he admits he is a cop. She thinks it is some kind of joke as he says he should have told her about it a long time ago. She wants to know why he would lie about his job. He says he knows that she hates cops. She says she hates the system not all the cops in the system. He thinks this is not as simple as that. Kevin reveals that he knew she wouldn’t be with him and he wouldn’t have gotten to know her. She says she would have seen him and he was wrong because she would stayed because she cared about him. She demands for him to leave as he admits he cares about her too. She pushes him away, telling him to leave. NOW. Without another word he takes his badge and leaves, pausing outside her door., finally nodding and walking away.