The Blacklist Finale Recap 05/27/22: Season 9 Episode 22 “Marvin Gerard Conclusion Pt 2”

The Blacklist Finale Recap 05/27/22: Season 9 Episode 22 "Marvin Gerard Conclusion Pt 2"

Tonight on NBC their hit drama The Blacklist starring James Spader airs with an all-new time-slow Friday, May 27, 2022, episode and we have your The Blacklist recap below. On tonight’s The Blacklist Season 9, Episode 22 finale called, “Marvin Gerard: Conclusion Pt 2” as per the NBC synopsis, “Red and Cooper square off with conflicting endgames for their mutual traitor. A major secret about the Task Force falls into the wrong hands.”

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Tonight’s episode begins with Cooper who apologizes to Red for getting to Marvin first. Red tells him that he didn’t get to him first, he stole him and it is unacceptable, he is his to deal with. Cooper says he would rather kill him. Red tells him that he made a bigger mess of this than he realizes, that man is Red’s attorney and he is very clever.

Cooper goes into to speak to Marvin, Cooper tells him that he is bereft, he cannot believe the brutality that came from him, he tried to destroy him. Marvin says he is not going to prison. Marvin calls him a puppet. Marvin doesn’t plan on telling Marvin anything, he calls him an underling, he says the only one he will speak to is Cynthia.

Red picks up Carolyn and tells his driver, Chuck, to get going. She tells him the courthouse isn’t a place to meet. She spoke to her father, Alfred, he is alive and in a pretty good mood considering his prostate is the size of a grapefruit, he is 83. Red says that when he found out that her father was stealing from him to pay for his only child to go to law school, he didn’t do anything. She says it is interesting to know her legal education was paid for by a criminal and she feels he is looking for payback. He says yes, it’s time.

Cynthia speaks to Marvin, he says he is not interested in damaging Red, he is interested in replacing him. Red is uncontrollable, he continues to commit crimes, and the task force is off the rails because of him. He says he did set up Cooper, but he didn’t tell him to break the law, he did that because of all the years he has been working with Red. Marvin is offering her and her bosses a chance to start over. He can maintain the blacklist, he can be a far more reliable partner than Red. He says he is the better option, it’s easy, he is in, Red is out. And, he wants them to arrest Red and drop him in a hole somewhere. He also wants her to start a new task force, the Marvin Gerard task force. He thinks the Attorney General will go with it.

Cooper talks to the task force and Ressler says it is ironic that they have to now protect Red from Marvin. Aram allows Dembe and Park to do surveillance on Red, but he warns Park that she has to stay in the car because of her medical condition. Red meets with a guy who is in Heneveld, he is a guard for the Coolridge Correctional Facility. Cooper thinks Marvin is in serious danger, and Ressler is convinced that Red is going to have him killed.

In the correctional facility, a man named Wujing walks up to speak to Marvin who knows who he is, the most prolific assassin who worked for the Chinese state security service. The man sits down beside Marvin who says that he is not going to be there long. Wujing asked him for advice, he wants to know how he get a motion to go to court. Marvin tells him to claim that his lawyers are incompetent, and he will get his hearing. Wujing says when he goes to the hearing, he has a man on the outside and plans to escape.

Cynthia gives Cooper an arrest warrant for Red. She tells him that he is out too, and a new task force is being sourced. Main justice has agreed not to charge Cooper. The moment Marvin’s deal comes into place, Cooper is free.

Dembe and Park have Theodore in custody and are questioning him. Red contacted him because he says his lawyer is in there and he wants to meet with him off the record. There is a tunnel where contraband is passed, Theodore is supposed to be there to let Red in, he knows the access point. Ressler tells Cooper they need to get Marvin out of there and to a courthouse so a judge can sign off on an immunity deal. Cooper says he is going to shut down that tunnel, Red is not getting into that prison.

Ressler is in a car with Marvin, he tells him that it makes him sick that he is going to get what he wants. Marvin says he didn’t get what he wanted, he is reduced to being an informant. Marvin tells him that Red will have one plan after the other until he gets to him and this is the worst day of his life.

Cooper is with Dembe, he says it hurts, no justice for Elizabeth. Cooper recalls the first night that Agnes moved in with him, he says he is sorry about her mother, he loved her and is sad that she is not there. But they are very happy to have her with them, they can be a good family and he promises they are going nowhere. Now he is letting Elizabeth’s killer go so he can keep his promise to Agnes.

Carolyn distracts the judge in the courthouse before the hearing, giving Red enough time to put a gun to Marvin’s neck when he enters the judge’s chambers. Marvin tells him well played, he was always a great strategist. Red says it is a sad end to their friendship. The betrayal is unforgivable and he will die for it. Marvin tells him he wasn’t his servant, he was his partner, it was his life’s work too and he had to right to be reckless with it. Red tells him that he loves him but they were not partners, and he never dreamed it would cost him Elizabeth. Red calls him a coward, and Marvin says she was brave enough to go to war with him. Red tells him he can’t hide from him, he can’t best him and he can’t replace him. They are sitting in a federal courthouse and he can put him down like a dog. Marvin tells him to do it. He has had enough, he is right, he can’t beat him and he never really wanted to try. Surprisingly the judge returns to his chambers and Marin is alive.

Cooper arrives home, he tells her Marvin’s deal was approved by the court, and it is over. She tells him that when Agnes grows up she will understand. Cooper goes into Agnes’ room, she is sleeping. He whispers to her that he is going nowhere and turns off the light.

Marvin is released, and he asks for a minute. He goes to speak to Wuljig first. Marvin tells him that Red is the reason is there, he has an immunity deal with the feds. There are people in prisons over the world that are there because of Red. Marvin slips a note into Wuljig’s pocket of the people he is responsible for putting behind bars.

Red is at Cooper’s house, he invited him there. Cooper pours two drinks and says Marvin’s deal went into effect. Cooper says it is the devil’s bargain that came with a heavy price, he is supposed to take him into custody. Red says he appreciates the warning. Red says he had to make sure that Marvin’s deal went through, but he won’t be cooperating with the government. He and Marvin said their goodbyes. Red gave him a choice to leave the world in any way he chose. A chance to put his affairs in order and says goodbye to the ones who mattered. Marvin tells him that it really wasn’t his life after all and we see Marvin shoot himself in his vehicle after he is let out.

Cynthia stops by Cooper’s house and tells him and Red that Mavin will not be cooperating with the justice department because he just left prison, got into his car, and shot himself. Cooper is clear and the order to arrest Red is rescinded. Red says what a surprise. Cooper tells Red that he is something. Red says he is going away for a few weeks and asks him to give his love to Agnes.

On the next day, Ressler, Dembe, Aram, and Cooper are at Elizabeth’s grave, it is the third anniversary of her being murdered. Aram says that after a lot of careful reflection, he has decided to take some time away. Park shows up with flowers, she says her headaches have been getting worse because she is pregnant. She is taking a medical leave from the task force.

Wujing is free, he has his list of other inmates Red is responsible for them being behind bars and he knows they are going to join his fight in killing Red.