General Hospital Spoilers: Chase is Torn – A Past with Brook Lynn, Or A Future with Sasha?

General Hospital Spoilers: Chase is Torn - A Past with Brook Lynn, Or A Future with Sasha?

General Hospital Spoilers tease Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) got a taste of the past this week when he and Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) came together to make sure Wiley Corinthos (Viron Weaver) wasn’t too traumatized by watching his mother, Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) collapse and get carted off to the hospital via ambulance.

The reminder of what it used to be like when Brook Lynn and Chase were caring for Bailey Louise Jones (London and Jett Prinzo-Berendt) was bittersweet for Chase.

He might be realizing that he really doesn’t want to leave any bad blood between himself and BLQ.

That being said, he can’t get over what she did to him and the lies she told.

On the flipside, while he’s not thinking about Sasha Gilmore Corbin (Sofia Mattson) in any kind of romantic fashion right now, the possibility for such might not be that far off.

Will Chase choose to backpedal with BLQ and try to make it work, or does a clean slate sound much better to him?

General Hospital Spoilers — Chase Has a History with Brook Lynn

Chase and Brook Lynn fell for one another while they were pretending to be parents to Bailey. It just fits.

He was the knight in shining armor she needed at the time, and she knew she could trust him.

It’s unfortunate that it only took her a few months to betray the same trust he grew to have in her.

When Brook Lyn sabotaged Chase’s chances of getting back on the PCPD police force, he was stunned.

When Chase sees Brook Lynn now, he may feel pangs of sweetness that bubble up to the surface reminding him of what they once had, but he can’t shake the stinging sensation of remembering how it all ended — and why.

GH Spoilers Say Chase Actually Has History with Sasha, too

Chase and Sasha seem to continue bumping into one another lately, and he’s offered to be an extra support person for her at a time she’s feeling pretty broken.

With trouble on the horizon with Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs), his friendship is sure to come in handy soon, but if friendship is all there is lurking between these two?

Chase and Sasha feigned romance once upon a time for the sake of pushing Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) together at the time, which helped them secure custody of Wiley Corinthos (Viron Weaver).

Now that they’re both single but neither are feeling ready to mingle.

Will their history be what makes them comfortable enough to get back in the saddle and right off into the sunset — or is Sasha eyeing stable boy Cody Bell’s (Josh Kelly) saddle more?

General Hospital Spoilers — Who Needs Him More?

Remember that aforementioned white knight? Chase suffers horribly from this condition.

There’s nothing this boy in blue loves more than a damsel in distress — and Sasha is the poster girl for it lately far more than she is the face of Deception.

Brook Lynn needed his help when she was battling Linc Brown (Dan Buran) — a fight that is far from over.

But Sasha’s continued grief, spiraling metal health, addiction woes, and the betrayal her mother-in-law is about to unleash upon her might make her a far more interesting project for Chase to set his sights on.

Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out how this storyline unfolds.