The Young and the Restless Recap: Friday, March 10 – Adam Offers to Buy Sally a House – Summer’s Fake Change of Heart

The Young and the Restless Recap: Friday, March 10 – Adam Offers to Buy Sally a House – Summer’s Fake Change of Heart

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers recap for Friday, March 10, teases that Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) will interrupt a close moment between Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) and Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson), so she’ll quiz Chelsea once they’re alone.

Chelsea will admit to developing strong feelings for Billy and will think it caught them both by surprise.

Chloe will be supportive, but she’ll also feel the need to ask the hard questions.

After Chloe reminds Chelsea that her previous engagement with Billy didn’t work out, she’ll think it was because Chelsea didn’t love Billy with her entire heart and soul.

With that in mind, Chloe will wonder if what’s happening with Billy is really what Chelsea thinks it is.

However, Chelsea will insist this feels different – and she’ll admit it’s hard not to act on her feelings.

Downstairs at the coffeehouse, Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) will assure Billy that she’s not trying to be negative, but she’ll reflect on feeling blurred lines with Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) once upon a time.

Once Sharon talks about it being hard to let go, she’ll suggest the last thing she wants is for Billy and Chelsea to go through that kind of pain.

Nevertheless, Billy will insist no one’s going to get hurt and will add that whatever he has with Chelsea feels right.

At Society, Summer Newman-Abbott (Allison Lanier) will drop some bombs on Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), who’ll hear about Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) having Adam’s baby and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) standing by her.

After Summer convinces Nikki not to tell Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) yet, Nikki will wish there was a way to get Nick to walk away before things get more complicated.

Summer will suggest Nick might do that if something were to drastically change – like if Sally fell back in love with Adam.

Nikki will think Sally’s walls are up pretty high and will point out that no one is more charming than Nick when he’s infatuated.

That’ll leave Nikki thinking it’ll take a lot of help and a whole lot of luck to make this happen.

At The Grand Phoenix, Nick will offer up the Newman jet so that Sally can research some properties for her interior design business.

Sally will turn Nick down on Friday’s Y&R episode and insist on flying commercial instead.

When Adam appears, he’ll declare that he wants to buy Sally a house since she can’t live at the hotel forever.

Adam will hope to give Sally and their child a place to call home – somewhere they can make happy memories.

After Sally declines Adam’s generous offer, Nick will grumble about him overstepping.

Sally will think both brothers need to dial down the grand gestures and will insist on making decisions for herself.

Once Adam and Nick are alone, they’ll talk about trying to find some common ground since they’re both going to be in Sally’s life.

Adam will also ask if Nick has a problem with him running McCall Unlimited, but Nick will think an autonomous situation like that would be for the best.

That said, Nick will acknowledge that it’s not a done deal yet – and he’ll think Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) will be Adam’s ultimate roadblock if the acquisition does happen.

Back at Society, Sally will bump into Summer and Nikki.

After Sally learns Nikki is now in the loop on the baby drama, she’ll assume she knows what Nikki’s thinking.

Nikki will suggest that saves them some time then and will head to the ranch, where she’ll meet with Lauren Baldwin (Tracey E. Bregman) and Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) about their assignment for the upcoming bicentennial gala.

After Michael and Lauren learn they’re on catering duty, they’ll talk about this being a masquerade ball and reflect on another one in the past.

Nikki will eventually grill Michael about the McCall Unlimited acquisition and will push for help stopping Victor’s plans for Adam.

Michael will want to remain Switzerland, but Nikki will want him as an ally and won’t seem ready to accept defeat.

At Society again, Summer will push Sally to join her at a table.

Sally will ask if Summer wants to talk more about what a tramp and chaotic mess she is, but Summer will insist she wants to apologize.

After Summer confesses that she crossed the line and said things that were just plain mean, Sally will agree to meet her halfway.

Summer will end up asking how Adam is taking the news of all this and will hint about how relentless he can be.

Sally will eventually get suspicious of Summer’s change of heart, so she’ll wonder if there’s more to it.

Summer will claim she’s trying to be a better person and not disappoint Nick, so Sally will admit she can appreciate that.

After Summer says she still has reservations about Nick and Sally’s romance, she’ll talk about how good Adam and Sally were together.

Summer will play up what a great match Sally and Adam were, so she’ll suggest that “the Adam factor” still bothers her.

Once Summer hints that it doesn’t seem like Adam and Sally are done with each other yet, she’ll mention that Sally is pregnant by him.

Summer will feel like maybe the universe is trying to say something, so she’ll suggest it’s like Sally and Adam are meant to be.

The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Summer will give Sally something to think about, so stay tuned for updates on Sally’s romantic future.

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