Ingo Rademacher Voted Off Dancing With The Stars 2013 Season 16


Tonight on DANCING WITH THE STARS Ingo Rademacher and professional dancer Kym Johnson were sent home on the DWTS Seminfinals Result Show.  It really is a shame Ingo tried so hard, he just could not compete at the level the remaining couples could.  If you missed tonight’s results show, you can read our full and detailed recap HERE!

On last night’s performance show each couple performed two routines, inching their way one step closer to the coveted mirror ball trophy.  One of the dances was a dance that twitter users voted on.  It was either a Flamenco, Charleston, Afro Jazz, Lindy Hop and Hip Hop.  The second dance was a ballroom or Latin style dance they have yet to perform this season.

Ingo danced a Samba for his first dance and this is what the judges had to say about it.  Bruno said, “I love your determination, you don’t give up.  You went from one extreme from the other, you put the work in, you lost the timing.  Don’t force it.”  Carrie Ann said,  “I have never seen more swayy hip roll.  You are the underdog but you have to step it up a bit more!”  Len said, “You know through the darkest cloud, a ray of sunshine comes through.  I thought you did a good job.  Well done, good job!” SCORE: 24/30

For his second dance Ingo danced a Charleston the judges said, : Bruno said, “Ingo frothy, bubbling, slighly mind-mending spirit of the roaring 20s, fun, fun fun!”  Carrie Ann said, “You captured the feeling of the roaring 20′s.  It was really good!”  Len said, “It was bubbly and full of fizz.  Semifinals good time to do your best dance.”  SCORE: 27/30

Sound off your comments below and tells us what you thought about Ingo’s DWTS experience.  Do you think Ingo should have been sent home?  Check out the video of his performance from last night below!