Miley Cyrus “Adore You” Full Video Leaks: Watch Miley Play With Herself on Camera

Watch Miley Cyrus "Adore You" Video Teaser: Watch Miley Play With Herself on Camera

Apparently “Adore You” wasn’t written for someone else. It seems like the person Miley Cyrus adores the most is herself – and if you are wondering how goes that relationship then watch her video – it looks like she has an interesting sex life to say the least. Never before have we’ve seen masturbation favored over actual talent in a music video! But what does that say about us for hitting replay!

Miley Cyrus burned down a lot of bridges from child star days just to rebuild her new over-sexed image. This image, mind you, is one purely based on shock, repulse, and repeat and to be frank; she’s in fact making it work… business wise. For the longest time Miley was only Hanna Montana or Liam’s fiancee yet fast forward and everyone surely remembers her name now. Miley has the audience sitting back either aroused, judgmental, or both; she’s making her money. Which is a fair trade when you think about it.

Though when we move away from the money aspect is when we see the real danger for the singer. Miley isn’t as talented a puppet master as she think she is. She thought she could control how the media saw her when she unfortunately pigeonholed herself yet again. Only this time into entirely different holes. Instead of the sweet innocent girl act, she foolishly overplayed “oversexed” and when that’s done and gone what will happen next. That’s what occurs during a trade. You do have to lose something and in this case she lost respect.

Miley had a raunchy house party in “We Can’t Stop,” then got completely naked for “Wrecking Ball.” So what’s the next step? Apparently actual sex! In the second teaser for the upcoming video for “Adore You,” a grainy, amateur-looking clip shows Miley writhing around in sheer underwear, and touching herself in extremely provocative ways. (Hollywood Life)

How does she expect to mature in her music and style with this approach? Eventually she will want to move away from gimmicks. Everyone does, except Lady Gaga. It happens right around the time people have kids or getting married. Once Miley gains some maturity and she’ll live to regret this misguided attempt at a music video!

  • Sarah Highcove

    Ugh.You know, if she insists on going this route…she may as well invest some time to learn how to do it well at least. Spend some time with Dita or Carmen Electra and learn how the art is really done..instead of looking like an awkward amateur.