David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Dating and Together – Tea Leoni Reconciliation Rumors False

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Dating and Together - Tea Leoni Reconciliation Rumors False

Rejoice, X-Files fans, your one true pairing still lives. Our sources tell us exclusively that the Tea Leoni and David Duchovny reconciliation rumors were false, and that David and Gillian Anderson are still [secretly] together.

The rumors of David and Tea reuniting only started when they were spotted vacationing and spending time together with their children. But as a couple that divorced and is trying to maintain a cordial relationship for the sake of their kids, of course they’re going to spend time together. Like, duh! It’s not like they had a nasty divorce and custody settlement, but rather a cordial one. They remain on amicable terms, and thus, spending time together shouldn’t immediately equate getting back together – especially not when David is rumored to be with someone else.

For the longest time, David and Gillian dating just seemed like wishful thinking from their fans. However, there was no denying their chemistry during all those seasons on the show, and honestly, it was just about timing. And then, a few years ago, both David and Gillian ended up becoming single around the same time, and whaddya know? They started spending more time together.

And soon after that, sources and eyewitnesses started whispering about seeing David and Gillian together at his home in New York, and how they seemed more flirty than usual at reunions and public appearances. They were also much more openly affectionate with each other, something they had shied away from in the past.

Overall, we’re guessing that David and Gillian are either still dating or hooking up, but they’re still trying to keep their relationship on the down-low to avoid the media attention that would follow.

  • Sarah

    I thought she was a lesbian.

  • crab

    Yeah, after this your source will tell you that D & T are going to remarry; then, they will tell you it is false, and then they will tell you that D & G are getting married, and so on… What a crap!

  • theTruthisOutThere

    Are u guys serious? You have so many rumors around these 3 constantly it makes my head spin lol. The truth is Tea and David are friends who co parent. David and Gillian are FWB whenever they get together which isn’t often. Case closed.

  • karen

    I dunno whos doing who, lol, but what I find amusing is that Tea Leoni tries to look like Gillian. Over the past few yrs she has become very jealous and threatened by Gillian, as she has even commented on that- and in a way competes with her. Its sad shes insecure. David should have a sexual relationship with Gillian. Their chemistry is off the wall!!!!!

  • nina

    I have a friend who used to live near Tea and David in ny before they seperated. She said its strange how the media made david look bad by his sex addiction and blamed him for the breakup because she and other neighbors were witness to Tea’s vile and nasty behavior and screaming matches at David. She’s not the innocent little swan everyone thinks she is. Can’t blame david for reaching out to one of his best female friends like gillian. Sometimes friends make the best lovers.

  • Ashley

    Gillian has no plans to leave London so doubt whether it is a full fledged romance. maybe when their kids get older they could have that But yeah, any idiot can see that these two have definitely slept together. I think DD and TL are done for good now.

  • romie

    @OhAfraid could you at least have the guts to post with your real name for once instead of posting with your multiple addies? I doubt it:)

  • romie

    He did, in 2009.

  • PleaseLOL

    For real. When David and Tea are seen together without kids out in NYC they are absolutely not together lol but when DD and GA are separated in different continents they are so very doing it. LOL

  • likepleae

    At the beach with kids but at nights they were seen without kids

  • lololol

    read old interviews , when Tea said he didn’t know about $$$ for a house, the kids were still in LA. It was until later that they all moved to NY . He could move to London too for “his kids” right? LOL

  • crazy

    t will never win

    • dana

      it’s not a competition

  • mister

    I approve