Kate Middleton Wants Prince William To Be Next King: Queen Elizabeth Approves, Prince Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles Panic?

Kate Middleton Wants Prince William To Be Next King: Queen Elizabeth Approves, Prince Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles Panic?

Kate Middleton’s bravery in deciding to have four children and two more pregnancies is inspiring Prince William to ask Queen Elizabeth to make him King of England before Prince Charles, according to GLOBE Magazine. Prince William shocked the Royal Family and their followers when he informed dying Queen Elizabeth he was going to pass on the crown, leaving her no choice but to hand over the royal reigns to his father Prince Charles and his ambitious wife Camilla Parker-Bowles. Queen Elizabeth had all but announced she would be bypassing Prince Charles, until Kate Middleton became brutally ill with morning sickness while pregnant with her second child. Will hated seeing his wife on bed rest and ailing from hyperemesis gravidarum, and decided he didn’t want to take over the crown, and wanted more time with his growing family so that he could keep a close eye on Kate.

However, according to the recent edition of GLOBE Magazine, Prince William and the rest of us have all seriously underestimated the Duchess of Cambridge. Not only has she completely bounced back from her extreme morning sickness, but she has revealed that after this royal baby is born – she plans to have two more by the time she turns 36. Although Prince William is reportedly concerned with Kate’s baby-making plans, he is supporting her 100%. And, Kate’s newfound strength has inspired her hubby.

Rumor has it that since Kate Middleton proved she will be just fine, and will not let the hyperemesis gravidarum slow her down – Prince William is reconsidering his rejection of the crown. Apparently now that he sees Kate Middleton can handle her nauseating pregnancy just fine, and so fine that she plans on doing it two more times in the next few years, Prince William has informed Queen Elizabeth that he does want to become the next King of England. And, as you can imagine Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles are furious. The couple was still celebrating the fact that prince William turned down the crown, and the news that he has changed his mind is literally raining on their parade. Expect the power struggle between father and son to intensify.

So, how crazy do you think it is that Kate Middleton hasn’t even given birth to her second child and is already planning her third and fourth? Do you find it admirable, or just plain insane? Will Queen Elizabeth accept Prince William’s offer to take the throne, or is he too late? How will Charles and Camilla react? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

FameFlynet: Kate Middleton, Prince William, Camilla Parker-Bowles

  • SpringBeauty

    This is such utter drivel…

    • micmac

      Of course you are right. What sort of magazine is this Globe magazine, anyway? And why isn’t it being sued to their last dollar for monumental slander and libel?

  • Willow

    This rag isn’t even interesting fiction anymore. The contradict themselves in every article and the drivel is just getting to much to swallow. Thankfully I have never actually paid for the crap I did read

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  • Elia

    “Rumor has it that since Kate Middleton proved she will be just fine, and will not let the hyperemesis gravidarum slow her down…..”

    WHAT ? Most intelligent people have realized that she never had “HG”. In fact if you if do have HG, you can’t just decide “not to let it slow you down”. LOL. It will put you in the hospital. Stupid article. Oh, yes, “Saint Waity”, LOL.

    • guest

      It is all indirect politics of a sort. Baby no. 1 was mandatory. No. 2 was when they laid back and thought of Scotland, whilst hoping it will be a girl. If it is a girl, that would be great. But if and when no. 3 comes along, it will be to get Western Australia to realise it can’t rely on sniggering at New Idea and Women’s Day, let alone CDL to get its legislative backlog out of the way. Should it all pan out as hoped, there won’t be any need for a fourth child. She shouldn’t have to have any more children once that Act of Parliament is passed, allowing a girl to inherit the throne ahead of a younger brother.

      • micmac

        Good point. But I think that the Western Australian government, what with the search for MH370 and with not knowing for sure which megalomaniac from which banana republic shot down MH17, killing so many Australians, would not really consider that whoever ought to take the place of Queen Elizabeth decades down the track as one of their priorities.

    • micmac

      She did go into hospital the first time and this time she had enough medical insurance and experience to weather it out at first in Kensington Palace without cluttering up UK’s overburdened NHS system. If she, of all people, can’t get top notch medical help when needed, in UK, I’d despair for ordinary HG sufferers and even ill tourists with travel insurance, who can’t get a doctor to see them.

      • Elia

        Waity was in hospital for THREE DAYS, hardly a classic amount of time for real HG. Likely just overreacting to ordinary morning sickness or was slightly dehydrated. She basically proved no HG at all this time by no hospitalization and the puking cleared up at 3 months along. The way ordinary morning sickness will do.

        As far as Waity heroically not wanting to clutter up a hospital….LOL !!!!!!!!!! As if you think anyone will fall for the idiotic idea that Waity can’t get good medical help. Aren’t you the silly clown.

        • ceecee

          Have you had HG? Cause I have, 3 times. First time with no hospitalization but puking and feeling like crap for 9 Months…second time with 7 days hospitalization and feeling OK the next 7 months.. Third time no hospital and felt great after three months….every time is different. If you don’t know what you are talking about don’t talk.

          • gg

            What is queen Elisabeth having

  • You don’t stop showing your intense dislike against Kate Middleton. Get off your high horse. Kate Middleton is a real human being and …mind you…defiant against all odds. So like her or not, she’s the future queen of England.

    • micmac

      And not only England, which is only part of UK. What about all the other countries who currently accept Queen Elizabeth as their Queen and head of state? Including USA’s Northern Neighbour, Canada?

    • Elia

      That bimbo will only be queen if Baldy wants to stay married. Since he’s already been off with Jecca and rumored to have been awfully fond of Waity’s helper,Rebecca, well, you just never know about the marriage.

      She’s “defiant against all odds” ???? LOL, regarding what…and as if that means she’s special ?

      • You’re a wasted creation. You got the time to snoop on the life of the Duchess because you got nothing else to do. Your disgusting imagination has crippled your senses. And, yes, the Duchess is special to millions of people around the globe. Like it or not.

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  • Pam Wildenstein

    Babies are a blessing. Wish them the best as they journey through their life. A wonderful couple and whatever they decide will be alright with me.

    • Elia

      barfy comment

  • micmac

    What nonsense this article is! Prince Charles as Prince of Wales is the heir to the UK throne. When he succeeds his mother it will be a heavy responsibility for him as he will also be the temporal head of the Anglican Church. (Episcopalian in USA) as well as his mother’s replacement. And his wife Camilla isn’t the harridan she is painted here. She, of all people, knows the UK constitution and knows full well the legalities of her position. As do the Cambridges and the Middletons.

    • Elia

      Camilla is worse than a harridan and so is Charles.

  • Elia

    Not sure if the Waity Kate trolls/groupies believe in ANYTHING except Waity !

    • You’re the image of a jealous, bloody heart. Kate is beautiful.

  • Elia

    So how many ID’s do you have now ?

  • Elia

    LOL, you never know those royals are messed up.

  • Elia

    Oh so you’ve seen her uterus ?

  • Elia

    Pompous drivel.

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  • Shana

    Correct. There is no such thing as a ‘royal’ human being’ It does not exist. This is a term that was coined in the dark ages, to bring the peasants under some kind of control. We have government now.and it’s time to let go of this charade

  • Shana

    Royalty>…. There is no such thing as royalty. There is no such thing as a ‘royal human being’. Peasants in the Dark Ages believed anything they were told. Zero education. If some land owner said, “I am related to Jesus,” the peasants believed it. We have government now. Let go of this charade, and join us in the present

  • Fjxjxcjj

    They should fight to the death to see who will be king, thats what they did in the dark ages.