The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester Returning To B&B – Coming Between Hope and Liam

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester Returning To B&B - Coming Between Hope and Liam

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recently teased that Steffy Forrester was making a comeback on the popular CBS soap opera. When Ridge arrived home, safe and sound, after his nearly fatal accident in Abu Dhabi, Eric Forrester announced that his children Steffy and Thomas were heading home to see their father. B&B fans went in to a frenzy, thinking the popular character was returning to the canvas, however nothing has been said about her possible return.

Steffy Forrester hasn’t appeared on Bold and the Beautiful since 2013 when she thwarted one of Liam and Hope’s attempts down the aisle to say “I Do.” It seems like whenever Hope and Liam become serious, Steffy arrives and rains on their parade. Liam just can’t seem to choose between Steffy and Hope. Steffy also had a tryst with Liam’s father, Bill Spencer. With Liam and Bill both in serious relationships with Hope and Brooke, now would be a perfect time for Steffy to waltz back into their lives.

Unfortunately, since Eric’s announcement that Steffy was heading home, no Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have been released stating that Jacqueline MacInnes Wood was currently filming or even scheduled to appear on B&B in the near future. So, either we all over-analyzed Eric’s statement claiming Steffy was coming home, or TPTB at Bold and the Beautiful are trying to keep her return hush hush.

What do you think Bold and the Beautiful fans? Do you want to see Steffy Forrester return and shake things up between Hope and Liam or Brooke and Bill? Or, do you think the writers should leave well enough alone? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

  • luvSteffy

    Please just bring Steffy back!!!! She was the best part of the show. She brought the excitement, fun and sexy into the show. Hope and Brooke definitely dont do that.

  • melmay

    Let her interfere with Bill and Brook this time.

  • Jdean

    Let her interfere with every Forrester!!! We missed you Steffy B&B is soooooo BORING without you!!!! Come back!!!!!! Thomas too!

  • TeamHope

    Ok…Steffy is amazing…sexy and fun…but Brooke and Hope r both soooo happy. Steffy needs to move on and gt her own man. And needs to stop going after Hope’s sloppy seconds. I love her on the show, I do…but it is time that she gets over the Hope n Liam thing…leave them alone and move on already!!!! But her character is awesome on the show.

  • Yvette Ferguson

    Leave liamand hope alone go after bill again

  • Herekittiez

    She’s not returning to mess with Hope and Liam. Ivvy forrester has been cast, so she’ll mess with that..;) She’s not permanent status Jacqueline Mcinnis wood. It’s only temp. From my understanding, it’s for her dad Ridge, not to mess with Hope.

  • ndavlin

    No. She needs to stay away unless she has a storyline with another male that has no effect on hope and Liam or bill and Brooke. Tired of all the continuous triangles

    • Marj

      Please bring steffy back no matter whar some people think. The soap is not the same without her. , so bring her back.

      • esh


    • Purple Bieber

      She should be with Wyatt then!

  • shante

    Let her hook up with wyatt and put quinn In her place. Let Hope and Lism get married and be strong together and stop anybody that bother them . Let Carter put Mya in her place. Let Dc econ put Quinn in her place Bill.

  • Steffy’sfan

    Bring back Steffy! The show is not the same without her. We miss her!!!! She is the only one that has the chemistry with Liam. She is the anchor of the family much like her namesake Stefanie.

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  • Weena

    Steffy should come back and Wyatt fall in love with her and then Hope would be wanting him back! and then the saga continues lol!

    • Purple Bieber

      YES I TOTALLY AGREE! Wyatt and Steffy need to fall inlove!

  • T

    Please bring her back…..Liam and Hope are dull….there is no spark or fun there ….it is done let it go……Love Stephanie with anyone she is amazing in this role!

  • Bryan

    Why is that dipshit Liam afraid of that moonbat Quinn,??? call Daddums he will deal with her!

  • Bassett hound

    Steffy, plays her part and she is good at it I will give her that, but she can have a child now she needs her own love . I would love to see the story come to an end with Liam and Hope married and start a happy family get the kids involved in the business of modeling. Liam take over Spencer’s

  • Ann

    PLEASSSEEE don’t let Steffy break up Liam and Hope. There’s been too many break-ups between Liam and Hope and now it’s just ridiculous. It would be interesting to see Steffy and Bill start up again though, especially since Steffy is not a fan of Brooke.

  • MKSopinion

    NO! I’m so sick of the Steffy saga! She’s always the one to interfere with a relationship. She’s a great actress but let her go a different direction if she is coming back. And for PETE’S SAKE — let Liam & Hope get married and be happy as a married couple for a change instead of “trying” to get married. That is getting old. They are happy together so let the marriage actually take place this time and STICK! Wyatt is an ok actor but let him move on with someone else…maybe the newest Forester that’s been cast? Let he and Liam actually have a good brotherly relationship without him always coming across as poor little Wyatt. He’s nice enough but that doesn’t change the fact the Quinn will ALWAYS be his mother. Let’s just move on already…please and thank you! ;)

  • Mary

    No!!!!!! Keep her in France. Let Hope & Lism get their happiness!!!!

  • Paula Wilson-Moore

    Yes peleeze bring her back! Haters kick rocks! Miss my Steffy!

  • j longenecker

    Please let her come back and see that liam is happy with hope and they are getting married. maybe steffy can hook up with wyatt or hopes dad since she likes older men and she liked bill once. And finally can liam and hope get married PLEASE!

  • Margaret Doster Pironti

    I think the writers should leave it well enough alone… Liam and Hope belong together. i am really getting tired of everybody interfering in there relationship they should be able to be happy with the happy ever after they been wanting

  • Martha

    Please bring Steffy back, she’s the Greatest actress on B&B !! Whatever happens,it will be great,Hope dumped WYATT , maybe she can show Hope and Liam what a real woman can do with WYATT, and let some envy show up from H & L !!!

  • Nicole Andrews

    Steffy as a new man to all

  • james jones

    so sick of steffy propping hope no wonder jmw left

  • Tracey Schneider

    Ok so I LOVE her BUT I don’t like or want her popping in 2 times a year (just for sweeps) bring her back or recast otherwise I don’t care also I think the only reason people still this show is because they are hoping it will finally get good again but since this show refuses to recast it’s charters I think it will get canceled and that’s sad cause it could be good again but SOMEONE (BELL) refuses to fix things…. Just my opinion…..

  • Machelle Lynn Pleasant

    writers need to leave well enough alone unless they bring her back for wyatt in the future, i as a fan are tired of seeing the liam and steffy line on the show its nothing but a repeat everytime hope and liam gets happy start, they have enough to contend with that crazzy quinn,

  • kathy moss



    She needs to take her man back… Hope is a child!!! REPEAT CHILD

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  • Debi IluvSteffy Dorsett

    First of Dopey & anybody sucks. Wish they would kill Dopey off. Second of all, Lope is just a bone that was thrown to the lopers. End game is HOTT or as we call it Wype that azz. Both are boring & dull because anyone with Dopey is a bore. Steffy aka JMW does not need to come back for Lame or Wyatt. Both are pusses & not worthy of the classy Steffy Forrester. JMW would never come back to prop up Dopey or to get with one of the used up ping pongs. Bell’s S/L’s suck. He couldnt write an S/L worthy of Steffy Forrester. So I hope she keeps the good sense that she has and stays away from this low rating, no emmy’s unless your counting the bs ones they gave them, crappy whore show.

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  • Chloe

    I have always thought that Liam and Steffy should be together and hope should go back to wyatt

  • Donna D

    Steffy and Wyatt….it would drive Hope crazy!

  • Purple Bieber


  • Purple Bieber

    Plz bring Steffy back! The show is NOT the same without her. Instead of her with Liam she should date Wyatt since hes single. They would make a sexy and perfect couple!

  • Purple Bieber

    PLz bring Steffy back! Let us be happy! Too much Hope and Liam saga! Steffy is so gorgeous and my fav character!

  • Lovely

    Return steffyshe makes bold and the beautiful

  • Lovely

    Hope role remind me of her mother playing two brother against each other. Please being Steffy back asap

  • Laruell

    Please bring Steffy back. She added such fire to the show. She has something that makes the show different from all the womrn.

  • sean

    I miss steffy she belongs to liam! Hope and liam are awful together.

  • Facebook

    I. Think stephy should come back and hook up with Wyatt or someone else just not Liam

  • Carmella

    Bring Steffy back I love her character

  • kfrazier

    Bring her back. Let her have her man. Hope doesn’t deserve him anyway! Let her reap what she sowed with Wyatt in that sudden, not thought out, marriage.

  • Jdean

    Ha! Yeah a lot of people feel the same as you. Maybe the new Ivy will be a good replacement. Cause its looking like Ivy will end up with Liam. Either way I don’t really care. I am liking the Alley & Oliver storyline and the jealous Mariah after Rick plot too. What I don’t like is the new Ridge so much. All he does is mope around and pine over Brooke. He doesn’t even have any lines. He’s says like three words the whole episode.

  • Vieva Adel Battiste

    B and B needs steffy. Like her or hate her she completes the cast.