A Moment For Giving…

Update 3: Sorry, I have not updated about Timbit. Things have been so hectic. He recovered great from surgery. He was so cute when I brought him back! He was so out of it. I decided to let him out of the cage that night. Lets just say being outside of the cage is a whole new hurdle. The first night he jumped all over my stuff and dumped everything all over the ground.

He particularly liked my mirror over my bureau. During, the night he was hitting at it and trying touch it because he thought it was another cat. I thought he was going to break it so I got up and said ‘cat’ and I must have startled him so he went flying into the wall and dropped a huge painting on the ground. He ran under my bed and looked like he was going to have a breakdown. It took a couple of day for him to regain his trust.

I am having problems in the nights. He still hasn’t learned to adjust to sleeping at night. He looks out the window and jumps around.

I have started to think that maybe my house is not the best place for him to adapt. He is in a small room and has plenty of places to hide i.e. meaning never come out. Plus, my other cat that has eplipsy is getting really upset that he cannot come into my room and be with me. He is very fragile so I am quite worried.

I am considering letting someone adopt him. This person must be fully dedicated to working with him. I live in Montreal, Canada. If you live near me and are interested in applying for adoption please contact me at info@celebdirtylaundry.com

I will provide more picture soon!


Update 2: Many, people have requested more pictures of Timbit! We were going to wait till he was neutered, but we just couldn’t help ourselves. He has started rolling over and really laying back in his cage. He loves his ears rubbed and his biggest weakness is canned salmon. He almost licks my hand off. Timbit and are both anxious to get him out of his cage!

We are still in need of donations. Please help in anyway possible.

We would also like the thank all the generous people who have donated again!


Update 1: We would like to thank everyone for taking the time to donate! Words can’t describe how grateful we are.

Timbit is very timid, but starting to build a level of trust with me. He has actually ventured outside the litter box! One of my three cats ventured in last night and Timbit didn’t seem to mind.

He is being neutered Thursday. I hope it will make him happier in the nights. He has a huge problem with being in the cage late at night because he is used to prowling and spraying outside at that time. In the morning, it looks like a cyclone hit his cage!

We will be posting new pictures in the coming days.

We are currently raising funds to save a stray cat that was found outside in the cold. Money is tight and he still needs more medical care. So far, we have provided all the money needed to help him. We will also accept supplies.

He is such a sweet gentle cat! Anything can help :)

ABOUT TIMBIT: I first believed Timbit was an outdoor domestic cat, but soon realized he wasn’t. He was living under my back porch. I would see him late at night, so I decided to start feeding him. He came to eat the food each day and night. The first day he went through 2 wet cans of food and a whole bowl of dry!

I decided to save him from the cold. I called a couple of animal shelters, but none returned my call. I gave up and took things into my own hands. I went out and bought a no kill animal trap.

Timbit is now safe in my house. He is very shy because he has never been in a home or had any contact with humans. We are taking the necessary steps to socialize him. We are desperate need of funding to help him make the transition from a wild cat to a domestic.

ALL MONEY WILL GO DIRECTLY TO HELPING TIMBIT! You can donate through Paypal. Just follow the link:

If you don’t feel comfortable donating through paypal you can contact us at info@celebdirtylaundry.com . We will also accept supplies. Our goal is to help him receive the medical care and help provide a lovely environment where he can adjust to domestic life.