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  • biwbe 1 fan

    oookkk.how did they now that ,that girl is selena.her face is not clear at all.maybe it is a girl that looks llike her.selena is bigger then him noway she is gonna date him.

  • mz.khenny_

    i think its true…coz da necklace is purely the same….

  • Guest

    I think it’s fake! I trust my idol! Justin says they not a couple and I trust him. Which idol is lying to it’s fans? :o

  • justinweaver

    pwede pwede

  • Braynor24

    justin and selena are cute couple

  • Becky

    theyare cute couple

  • Stella

    well i just had hearded about that justin bieber and selena gomez is like not gonna last long and many belieber fans we’re saying like that they will last for almost like 2-4 months as least will not last forever or maybe will last like 1-2 years….. But i love justin bieber and makes me feel like wanna date him but the problem is i’d already just hadden a boyfriend that was named justin too and i still also prefer justin more than JB….! i got 1 question acctually um i mean is a 9 years old girl dating a 12 years old boy possible