Snowy Saturday Blind Items


So here we go – what would I rather be doing on a Saturday morning?    Sleeping of course but we had to get up early to go to the airport to drop of a friend.   I know you are with me and would rather be sleeping on a Saturday.   To add insult to injury this morning we woke up to a white coating of snow on the ground.  So for Saturday morning if you cannot sleep something to test your brain power –  try to guess which celebrity each one of the great blind items below refers to.   Number 1 –my guess Nicolas Cage.  Number 2 – my guess Tom Cruise.  Number 3 – no idea!  What do you think any ideas?  Do you agree with my guesses?

1. Someday this elderly A-list-in-his-day Actor is going to make some treasure hunters very happy. It is said that he is very paranoid about bankers and accountants and goes two or three times a year to the Las Vegas desert to bury his fortune in a secret spot in the ground. A source reports the man has been doing this for years and the man still gets syndication checks, plus a little new work here and there. CDaN

2. Which macho major star is paying a heavy price for doing most of his own stunts in his newest action-filled drama?  The Oscar winner is having so much back pain, he’s now spending more time with this chiropractor than his wife and kids.  Blind Gossip

3. These celebrity BFF’s have a problem but only one of them knows it. Only one thinks they’re good friends, but the other is trying to extricate herself from the relationship but is really too nice to do it to her face. It’s bound to get out soon because we’re hearing about it.  BuzzPhoto