Survivor’s Villians stupidity have them begging for a merge!

We’ve all watched Russell on survivor before, we all know that he hides things to unnerve his tribe mates and he’s a freakin munipulative troll. Then why are these idiots on the Villian tribe trusting him?  The tribe lost the immunity challenge and had the chance to blindside Russell, the stongest player.  But instead, they vote out Boston Rob and keep Russell.  These people are so passive, they should just give over the money now because they have no hope whatssoever. Russell even lied about being a fireman and losing his German Shepard in Katrina. I find him much more offensive than Johnny Fairplay. Russell has a black heart and it will only be a matter of time before he rips out everyone elses. Next week the Villians are all begging for a merge, dah, I wonder why! Boston Rob has a heart of gold and a will of steel, I’ll miss him.