Nude Selena Gomez Photo Leaked

Nude Selena Gomez Photo Leaked

There’s a photo that has just leaked on the internet that is said to be Disney star and rumored to be Justin Bieber’s girlfriend  Selena Gomez. Can you believe it?!?!?? She seemed like such a straight-laced kid!

Either way, it may be faked, but it is making the rounds — and fast! Check out the uncensored photo out after the jump!

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[Photo removed.]

Is it really Selena?!?? What do you think?!???

111 responses to “Nude Selena Gomez Photo Leaked”

  1. linda loveslace says:

    Hmmm this has all the ingredients of the revenge of the mad Bieber fans.

    1 : it could be a superimposed picture.Lots of talented photoshoppers around these days.I’ve seen faux nude pics of some actors that could have passed for real ones.

    2 : it could be someone who looks like her.Selena has features that represent a lot of young teenage girls.Doesn’t look like her nose to me.Anyway to my amateur knowledge she’s never had hair cut like in steps that.

    3 : if it is Selena it doesn’t look like she was blatantly posing for it.Could have been a really quick snap as she was changing.

    Whatever the outcome this will in all probability put an end to her Bieber fling.Poor Selean…

  2. meiner says:

    Selena Gomez fake nude pictures!
    The bad thing on the www: defamation and libel.
    Any stupid person can do it!

  3. bob says:

    definitely fake. her tits are NOT that big!

  4. girly 111 says:

    thats not her
    for one thing her hands are different
    some twat has taken a pic and stuck someone elses body on it

  5. Aaron says:

    This is so obviously not Selena Gomez’s body. She has a prominent mole on the right side of her chest which is missing here. Come on, people. This is not only a fake, it’s a BAD fake.


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  7. EAD says:

    This photo is definetely fake. Why?

    1) Where is her mole on her breast?

    2) The proportion of her body and hands are strange and wrong.

    3) I don’t think that her breasts are that big.

    4) This is photoshopped and done by a Justin ‘Fan’

  8. Lauren says:

    THIS IS SELENA! i know her, she told me she’s ashamed of it, but the picture was taken to help her self image at the time. so dont judge u know her name not her

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  10. L says:

    NOT her. i bet in a few days the real photo will surface.

  11. Sync says:

    Not her. Her boobs are bigger than that.

  12. Jk00 says:

    Check it breast are to low and her kneck and shoulder bones dont match to the pic. IM SO SORRY REALLY AM ITS A FAKE

  13. CINDY says:


  14. Not real says:

    It isn’t her. Her mole on her right breast is bigger in real life

  15. Hmm i forgot ,, XD says:

    1- people may be it’s REALLY her !! we all never thought demi would take drugs be she takes drugs :/
    2- how do u ALL know how big is her breast or that mole and how big it is !? did u ever see her naked ? don’t think so
    3-may be the comment Lauren did was real :/
    4- may be it’s a bieber fan BUT not because bieber fans takes revenge of any girl Justin date that must be them may be a selena hater ?
    5- may be this photo is REAL she just want it for herself but it got leaked
    6- there are MILLIONS of reasons that photo can be REAL or NOT REAL but the person who can really proof it is the one who made it or Selena (and she says the TRUTH) !!!
    ,,,, but i really don’t care if they were real or no it’s her life not mine and i don’t like her for her personal life , i like her music , and u can’t like her for her cause u DON’T know everything about her may be in person she’s TOTALLY different :/ and turns out that this is really her !!! so don’t judge ANYONE and u don’t even know them in PERSON !!

  16. chuck noris says:

    i have been with her nude and her tits are not that big… i would remember

  17. Katherine says:

    Totally NOT Selena!!!!! Look at her hair. Does it look like Selena’s hair to you? Besides, she is religious. She would never do that!

  18. Sebi says:

    that’s not selena! it’s a fake!

  19. Jamie says:

    Well “1 she has bigger boobs than that” “2 justin bieber would hate her if that was her” 3 it is absolutely a FAKE.

  20. Nganton211 says:

    i think is her , it rlly dont look photoshopped, and if you look closer, everything seems to matchh

  21. Lilyorea says:

    im a lesbian

  22. ilove? says:

    Honestly, this is fake. I am absoloutly POSITIVE of it.

  23. Anonanon says:

    It’s not her. Selena has a beauty mark on her right boob.

  24. Ahinding says:

    not is selena gomez

    • Andreeapoenaru19 says:


      • Blonsean says:

        Yes it is her it’s not a fake you people just like the person who took the picture need to get a f****** life. Selena is a good kid you people need to leave her alone

        • guest says:

          yh,real or not…its none of ur fucken’bussiness…just leave the girl alone and get a god damn life..besides if u have a lil sister,a sister who looks up for celena,who loves her,she’ll be broken if she see’s such pics or comments..rly guys,it makes me sad..just shut the fuck up and fuck off!!!

  25. darky says:

    free pass?? :O3

  26. Mrbasshunter says:

    is her

  27. zack says:

    i dont care wether its fake or not, selena, wanna have sex??? 

  28. Zackscool says:

    what he said, fake! i mean, wtf, why block out that action anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  29. QWINCY says:

  30. Kick says:

    i think its fake,but i dont see any lines that stay from making a fake photo,but i still think its fake

  31. chris says:

    @ Zach: They block it because they dont feel like going to jail for hosting a picture of an under age celeb…dumbass. and the pic from neck up can be all her and maybe the breast area is whats photoshopped, but we cant tell cause it censored.

  32. ?Justin Bieber Lover? says:

    u can c the tan line on her neck, and she wears strapless costumes most of the time when she goes swimmming. sooo its fake ==”

  33. austin says:

     i don’t think it is her but its hot so if its not her who is it and all the others who are they

  34. Krystal says:

    Uhm, why is no one commenting about HER HAIR? That’s NOT her hair.

  35. Rherhr says:

    why they hide the main part i mean breast

  36. Mark says:

    WTF i know that girl…

  37. Iambuis says:

    how hasn’t anyone commented on she ditched her purity ring, but I still say it’s fake, very well done, but fake

  38. Bits1bytes2 says:

    can we meet at orlando 

  39. Zcooley14 says:

    you can see the line between her hair and her face its photo copied

  40. guess says:

    ITS FAKE!!!!

  41. Jay says:

    its not her. honestly selena doesnt have boobs that big. and her hair is to short. NOT HER.

  42. BOSS says:

    This is Little Caprice, Czech pornstar :D

    • Thenanny13 says:

      I love little caprice im the guy that be fucking her in the videos are next scene is going to be in park

  43. Kurumi says:

    no, it’s not her…
    she has a mole on one of her boob

  44. Stacy.Oddbird says:


  45. LizzAdorable says:

    Fake because! She has a titty birthmark! And its Really Clear to see. In this pic it looks like a lil bruise, also she has one in her arm. which is more near to her elbow. So this is fake..

  46. Isaiahragan48 says:

    wheres the necklace the one nude nd censored on the bikini pic

  47. wolf sword says:

    true. selena gomez does have a beauty mark. and nips are nt black. (now dont ask me how i knw that ok) i knw it. and these pics are fakes. so are the dirty videos of her thats posted on several sites….

  48. Harrieballs says:

    Is Selena Gomez a Pedophile?? she is way past 18!! or are they just cute couple???

  49. Juan A Fajardo says:

    hi bab look good

  50. guest says:

    FAKE the faces are differnt -.- not that hard to tell