The Biggest Loser Season 12 Episode 1 Live Recap 9/20/11

The Biggest Loser Season 12 Episode 1 Live Recap 9/20/11

The Biggest Loser is back tonight with Season 12 of the popular show.  This season we will see new trainers and new teams.  Tennis player Anna Kournikova joins the training team this season along with fitness expert Dolvett Quince.   They will be replacing former veteran trainer Jillian Michaels.   This season on the show we will see the “Battle of Ages”, there will be 15 contestants aged from 63 to 23 years.

Under their supervision of the new trainers and veteran Bob Harper, 15 new contestants come together hoping to transform their bodies, their health and ultimately, their lives.

American’s fight to get fit is back.   There is suppose to be plenty of twists and turns ahead this season.  The contestants have been dumped in the middle of nowhere (desert) and they are wondering why no one is there. A hummer shows up and it is Allison and the contestants are excited.  They are in El Miraj California near Death Valley.   The contestants are made to line up in order of the numbers on their shirts and the numbers on their shirts represent their ages.

Everyone under 30 goes in one group and everyone over 50 goes in another group and everyone else in another.  These are the teams, the battle of the ages.    Allison tells them because there are three teams there are three trainers.  The trainers make their grand entrance via helicopter.  Allison introduces the trainers first Bob Harper, the next trainer elite athlete Anna Kournikova and the last trainer Dolvett Quince.  The contestants are beside themselves with excitement at seeing the trainers.

They are going to have to earn the right to choose which trainer they want.  They have to run one mile down the desert and the first team who gets the entire team across the finish line gets to pick their trainer.  The younger team is out in front to start.  The middle team is just taking their time and following.  The seniors are just going slow and steady.  Each team uses a different strategy for the long run down the desert.  The middle team starts to gain the young team and are very happy because their focus is on Bob who they want as a trainer.   The middle team is not quitting they really want Bob as a trainer.  Bob feels they are going with him because he is the known and they know he gets results. 

The young team is next and they pick Dolvett Quince.  So that leaves Anna Kournikova for the old team.  Anna sees her team coming so she runs to meet them.  The team is really happy about that and it makes them love her.   All the other contestants run out to beat the older team.  Bob says it is nice because it is not only about finishing it is about helping each other.  They have now finished the first competition.  

This is the last competition they will have in this location but they will go back at the end for a marathon.  This is the first time they are doing this at the end of the show every contestants comes back even if they have been eliminated and the one who wins the marathon gets to come back to compete for the grand prize.

The competitors are very happy to be at the ranch.  They are headed to the gym for the first workout.  After ten minutes of workout the contestants look like they are dying and are getting miserable very fast.  Debby, 60,  one of the senior contestants wants a break but Anna is not giving her an inch.  She begs Anna for a break on the first day, but no way, not happening.  Johnny, 65,  from the older team feels like he cannot go on.  He wants to walk out and Anna tells him to go.  He leaves.

Johnny has nine grandkids and they are trying to convince him to come back.  Johnny dug a little deeper and came back and kept on going.  He tells Anna he is not a quitter.

Meanwhile Bob is having problems with Antone, 44, former NFL player for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons who wants to stop.  Antone did not think it was going to be so hard and is doing a lot of crying.  Bob tells him there is nothing to be ashamed off.  Bob says he wants to make sure they can barely walk back to the house and go to bed.

Becky, 51, gets an urgent call at 3:15 AM from her husband telling her that her father has passed away.  Becky could not sleep so she went to the gym and worked out while she thought about her Dad.  She decides she is going to get control of her weight because she wants to do it not only for her self but for her Dad.  Becky leaves but she will be back in a couple of days. 

The contestants are at the last chance workout and the trainers are really working them.  Bob is really working Jennifer, 39, out hard, she is the biggest girl in the house and he wants her to work hard.  Bob is happy with the change in Antone, he is really giving all he has.

Becky is back at the ranch after going home for her father’s funeral.  Becky is not giving up; she is doing everything Anna asks.  Debbie says she has never done anything so hard in her life.

Meanwhile Dolvett is having a hard time with Patrick, 26, he feels he is not working hard enough.  He kicks Patrick out of the gym because he feels he is not focussing.  Dolvett tells him the weight is not the issue; the main problem is he has to believe in himself.

The trainers Anna, Bob and Dolvett are really putting the contestants through the wringer because it is the last chance workout.


Under 30 Team Results

Courtney                started at  lost 16 lbs         
Patrick                    started at 387, lost 20 lbs.
Jessica                 started at 254, lost 15 lbs.
Vinny                      started at 426, lost 21 lbs.
Ramon                 started at 355, lost 17 lbs.

Total 89 lbs and 5.26%

In Between Team Results

Jennifer                  started at 330, lost 19 lbs.
John                       started at 445, lost 37 lbs.
Sunny                     started at 277, lost 16 lbs.
Antone                   started at 447, lost 32 lbs.
Joe                         started at 348, lost 22 lbs.

Total 126 lbs and 6.82%

50+ Team Results

Becky                     started at 238, lost 10 lbs.
Debbie                   started at 239, lost 6 lbs.
Mike                        started at 309, lost 12 lbs.
Bonnie                   started at 254, lost  4 lbs.
Johnny                   started at 328, lost 17 lbs.

Total 49 lbs and 3.58 %

The blue team/over 50 team has lost the weigh in, they must vote someone to leave.  The only person they cannot vote out is Johnny because he had the highest percentage of weight loss on the team.

Bonnie tells them all even thought she only lost 4 lbs she wants to stay.  Debbie tells them she can go because she has a great support team at home, a gym membership etc.   I am not surprised Debbie was having a hard time during the workouts.

Becky voted for Debby

Debby voted for Bonnie

Johnny voted for Bonnie

Bonnie voted for Debby

Mike gets to make the decision and he votes for Debby

Debby has been eliminated and will not be The Biggest Loser!