The X Factor USA’s Simon Cowell Swears He Has Had No Cosmetic Surgery

The X Factor USA's Simon Cowell Swears He Has Had No Cosmetic Surgery

Simon Cowell is looking younger and fitter with each passing year – and yet the mentor of The X Factor USA’s winner, Melanie Amaro, swears he has never had a single cosmetic surgery procedure – not even a Botox injection! Simon claims he just “doesn’t believe” in cosmetic surgery.

Simon is today’s iconic music mogul and he insists that working out and watching his diet are key to his youthful looks, with drinking ginger tea “all day long” a particularly important part of his health regimen.

When directly asked if he had ever undergone procedures such as Botox injections his answer was an unequivocal NO: “Not at all, none. I don’t believe in all that,” said Simon.

“Eating is the most important thing. I feel OK at the moment, I work out two or three times a week, doing my push-ups. And I drink ginger tea all day long, which is amazing.”

Simon’s friend and ‘X Factor’ co-judge Paula Abdul claims Simon’s secret to youth is a series of beauty products.   She told ‘Access Hollywood’: “He has more products than I do. But I take his advice because he looks good.”

Simon recently said he does 500 push-ups as part of his workout routine.

He said: “I’ll do 500 push-ups in a day religiously, and if I can I like to have a workout. Then I have a steam and a bath but I always have breakfast in bed.”

“A workday starts around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I have a weird routine. I’ll have a massage and then I’ll have four or five beers ice cold. Then I’ll carry on until 4 or 5 in the morning and that kind of keeps me awake.”

Do we believe him -well that is another story… .

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