Demi Moore Fears Mila Kunis Pregnant With Ashton Kutcher’s Baby

Demi Moore Fears Mila Kunis Pregnant With Ashton Kutcher’s Baby

Mila Kunis has said that she wants a child and Demi Moore fears that Ashton Kutcher’s new woman could be pregnant with his baby. Mila has come out recently and said: “I do want to family,” adding “I’d rather be in love and have a baby to have a movie.” To make matters worse, Mila looks as though she has put on weight recently – especially around her midsection.   An insider leaked: “It’s made Demi wonder whether Mila could be pregnant.”   A friend of damaged Demi says “In my opinion, Demi’s just a ticking time bomb.

Demi is cursed with that deadly combination of jealousy and paranoia that so often follows an ugly breakup.  It is hard for Demi to move on, especially when she was scorned and cheated on by Ashton – made to look the fool in front of all Hollywood and the world.  Of course Demi’s anorexia, drug abuse, wild partying, and chasing after young men hasn’t helped her image much either.

According to Life & Style Print Edition, July 30th a friend reveals that “Demi looks at the celebrity blogs.”  This is bad news for Demi since photos and stories exposing Ashton and Mila’s hot romance have been everywhere lately.  The friend goes on to say that Demi is bleeding inside: “She’s crushed by the pictures of them [Ashton and Mila] having all these cute dates. It’s painful because Demi is still so in love with Ashton.”

Life & Style explains:  Though it’s been eight months since the 49 year-old split from her husband of six years, Demi, who suffered a drug overdose in January, hasn’t found it easy to let go. Moving on is even harder now that Ashton, 34 is dating a woman 21 years Demi’s junior, someone who could give her ex the one thing she couldn’t – a child of her own.

“She tried for years to have a baby with Demi, but she just couldn’t,” Demi’s pal shares. “Now he’s dating Mila, she could have his child in a heartbeat, and if she did, that would shatter Demi into 1 million pieces.”

It’s sad to hear that Demi is still in love with Ashton because it is so obvious that he hasn’t loved her for a very long time.  Since Sara Leal outed Ashton’s flagrant sexcapades the current Two and a Half Men star has had a busy love life. The best was when Rihanna stopped by for a quickie – but now Ashton and Mila seem to be a serious couple – serious enough to have Demi freaking out.