Does Kate Middleton Regret Her Marriage To Prince William?

Does Kate Middleton Regret Her Marriage To Prince William?

Kate Middleton might be cracking under all the stress of handling her royal duties while Prince William is away.  Furthermore, sources say that the Duchess of Cambridge is hankering for her old ‘normal’ life and her old friends.  Does this mean that Kate has tired of the royal life and wants out of her marriage to Prince William?  No way!  But she is feeling the strain of being faced with so much responsibility and no William to share it with.  Kate and William are the most romantic royal couple ever and it must be hard on them to be apart.

NOW mag reports:  Since Prince William jetted off to the Falkland Islands four weeks ago, Kate Middleton appears to have taken on her solo Royal duties with ease, but sources tell Now the extra responsibilities have left her nerves in tatters.

And it’s not the only part of her life 30-year-old Kate‘s struggling withher tireless charity work is also wearing her out.

Kate met Wills studying art history at St Andrews University and continues to take an interest in the subject as a patron of the National Portrait Gallery in London.

She supports children’s art therapy programme Art Room and volunteers with the Scouts, even commuting between London and her cottage in Anglesey, Wales, to help a troop near there.  She also supports Liverpool charity Action On Addiction.

But while she’s been throwing herself into public life, she’s been watching her family get on with the rest of their lives.

Kate sees Pippa on her skiing trips and living her own life but she can’t do any of that,’ says a friend of Kates.

‘She misses having a social life of her own.’  ‘She loved rowing with female athletes The Sisterhood but the days when she could be part of that are long gone.’  ‘She knows it’s all worth it to be with Wills, but every now and again she wonders what it would be like if they just had normal lives.’

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Do you think that Kate really prefers a normal civilian life to the one she has now.  I mean she definitely knew what she was getting into when she married the future king of England, right?  Of course the adjustment to both a busy official schedule and the absence of her husband must be challenging.

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