Dumped By Reggie Bush Kim Kardashian Bares It All For Saudi Oil Sheik (Photo)

Dumped By Reggie Bush Kim Kardashian Bares It All For Saudi Oil Sheik (Photo)

The March 12 issue of Star Magazine features the cover story of how Kim Kardashian is slobbering all over a Saudi Oil Billionaire after being dumped by Reggie Bush. I guess if Kim can’t be happy and with her true love Reggie Bush then she at least wants to be a billionaire! This would explain why the famewhore is having a ‘revenge romance’ with an as yet unnamed Saudi billionaire. Remember when Kim and her mother, Kris Jenner flew off to Dubai? Well that could have been when Kim made carnal contact with Mr. Sheik. After all, her marriage to Kris Humphries was falling apart at the time as we saw on her reality TV show. In fact there was a whole scandal about the legitimacy of the Dubai episode of ‘Kourtney and Kim Take New York’ and especially the ‘heart to heart’ between Kim and her mom – Humphries claims it was faked.

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Kim would do well to hook up with the Saudi billionaire – after a little while we would expect Ms. Kardashian to be the first female leader in the Arab world – with momanager Kris as Minister of Finance! Run Sheik run! – save yourself!

Hollywood Life quotes Star “Several royals gave her their phone numbers and made it clear they were serious about dating her,” a source tells the mag. “The one she really had a connection with is a billionaire!”

While her prince’s identity has yet to be revealed, sources tell the mag that he’s not hesitant to dole out cash which is exactly what she was looking for in her next man.  “She wants to be taken care of,” the source says. “She’s done being a sugar mama.”

Kim Kardashian might like the money that the billionaire has but could she handle to obscurity that comes along with being a good Muslim wife? Of course the Shiek might be able to stop Humphries from revealing all of Kim’s dirty little secrets.

The Star cover also promises to expose the terrible drinking, drugging, and partying to which certain Hollywood moms have subjected their poor innocent daughters. Yes – you guessed it – Whitney and Bobbi Kristina – Dina and Lindsay and of course, Demi and Rumer.

Can you see Kim K married to an Arab Sheik? Haj Kardashian?? Can you see the Sheik having Kim beheaded for infidelity? Sound off in the comments below.

  • cherri

    She dealing with the right people, she looking at the money but not the traditions………..

  • Sromonov

    I seriously doubt that any self respecting man, let alone one who claims to be a Sheik, would want to get involved with a woman who’s been tapped more times than an oil well! 

    •  That one had me laughing out loud.

  • sheree

    I can just see Kim K getting flogged or worse stoned for her ho ways.  Her reputation of being a jump off might be a huge problem in the muslim world.  Maybe she should move out of the US her reputation is ruined.  No man with half a brain would be seen with her

  • lilgrandma

    she just looking for a sucker with money!!because nobody wants to look like a hoe like her anymore!! Like the basketball players say look and act like a hoe we treat you like a hoe act like a lady we treat you like a lady:)you all dress way too slutty come on !!! Sure you young n beautiful but not like a few yrs back we can see your yrs!but not bad for your age but why do you want to be remember by KIM the hoe the slut all the uglt stuff why Kim?Don’t you have any pride and self respect for yourself!!!! so sad that you live in a fake live life just like you are fake too!!!you got so much money but really not a great life like you should and it’s all on you and your mom can’t say mother cuz i don’t feel that she is one sry!!!

  • Udo

    Muslims don’t date. This story is a scam

  • bubble

    this prince probably want to extinguish his sexual desires toward huge az as kim . I mean SO WHAT he got the money and she`s on sale . However thus article full of hate (beheaded etc .. ugly  and pathetic stereotyping . It only reflect the writer knowledge and intellect)

  • Noura

    Wasn’t Kim with Mohammed Al Turki the Saudi Millionaire 
    Hollywood Producer at Cinema for Peace. I think there are pics of them online.

  • Sherene

    The Saudi guy is Mohammed Al Turki !!! She’s been seeing him secretly for months

  • Susual7ilwa

    on E! it says she was out with a Saudi guy named Mohammed Al Turki in January

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