Emily Maynard Threatened By Jef Holm – Seeks Help

Emily Maynard Threatened By Jef Holm - Seeks Help

We used to think that Emily Maynard was nothing more than a phony famewhore determined to build a Hollywood career on her back  background of being a single attractive mom and participating on inane reality TV shows.  And after all the drama that transpired on this season of The Bachelorette we still think Emily is a phony famewhore – but now we feel badly for her.  Emily met her match, made a big mistake, and is suffering as a consequence.  She foolishly accepted Jef Holm’s proposal.

A little background is in order here.  Emily was an attractive 18-year-old woman with ambitions who was dating the super-rich scion of the super-duper rich Hendrick Motorsport family when she got pregnant – presumably through the actions of Joseph Riddick Hendrick IV, Ricky Hendrick, the NASCAR driver who died in a plane crash 8 years ago.  This is why her daughter bears the name Ricki Hendrick.  Anyway, Emily and Ricky were engaged when he died and his parents stepped in and did the right thing, treating Emily and little Ricki like part of the family and giving her loads of money and support.  But this wasn’t enough for Emily.

Against the wishes of the staid Hendrick family Emily began her career as professional bride wannabe on The Bachelor, winning the prize, and then getting dumped by Brad Womack.  Greedy producers saw that Emily was a hit and so decided that she should play the eponymous role on The Bachelorette.  Emily fell in love with handsome Arie Luyendyk Jr., also a race car driver, but he dumped her before the proposal phase of the show.  Poor Emily had no choice at this point but to select the gnome-like creep, Jef Holm, because, hey, the show must go on.

This settling for Jef was Emily’s mistake and highlights her tragic flaw – which is her famewhoring greed.  Emily should never have agreed with the mercenary producers to select Jef and accept his proposal after her true choice, Arie, passed her up.  Marriage is about commitment and love and Emily knew darn well that Jef had neither for her, nor was she committed or in love with the water seller.   Nevertheless Emily and Jef got engaged and made a fake tour for the cameras.  Of course since neither one loved the other everything rapidly fell apart and the engagement ended with typically euphemistic public excuses.

But Jef wants to extend his 15 minutes of fame and is haunting Emily.  The snake even made a trip last weekend to spend time Emily and poor Ricki, the innocent child caught up in all this fake emotion.   Now Emily is losing her equilibrium and according to In Touch, print edition November 5th is attending Bible study classes and buying self-help books! Now Emily’s she is looking thin and exhausted – “She’s a wreck,” says a close friend.

“For so long, she tried to pretend it was all okay. And yes. She did lie. She put on a front because she felt that she had to.  Jef just is not the guy she thought he was.”

We call B.S. on that last sentence – Emily knew exactly who Jef was and that was why she originally chose Arie!  Now Emily is reaping as she’s sown.  She tricked the public but now the trickery has turned on her and she is alone, unloved, and empty.  Love and commitment don’t happen with game show/reality TV gimmicks.  Grow up Emily – find a better and safer way to be famous than by pretending to fall in love.

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