Learn What The Future Holds For Honey Boo Boo Alana Thompson – Personal Spoiler

Learn What The Future Holds For Honey Boo Boo Alana Thompson – Personal Spoiler

Last night Alana Thompson, Honey Boo Boo, enjoyed 4th of July with her family. It’s summer time and mama is trying to spend time with the girls before pageants and school start up again in September. Mama, June Thompson, took Alana to “Shh It’s A Wig” to look for a wig for the new pageant season. A few of the wigs Alana tried on were fine, but mama thought they looked like “grandma hair” on Alana, mama was looking for something more hot and trashy.

The Thompson Family heads to Paradise BBQ for a “sit down” dinner together. Alana ordered BBQ chicken, ribs, potato salad and baked beans. When her plate arrived, like the rest of her family, it’s piled a mile high with fatty food. Watching the family eat honestly almost made me throw up. I’m all about enjoying my food, but there is no reason to be slurping, slopping and farting at the table – it was just disgusting.

Mama goes on and on about how she would do anything for her girls but when they suggest she marry Mike, she tells them she wouldn’t do it if she got struck by lightening. It’s obviously so much better for a mother to be shacking up with some guy; that really sets a good example for her children versus providing them with a stable father figure.

It’s off to the farm for the family and a greasy fish fry. Diabetes and clogged arteries mean nothing to this family. After a generous helping of fish and grease the family heads to what they call “the local department store” which is actually a dumpster. I’m not kidding, this family digs through the dumpster together and Alana loves it so much that she wants mama to find a “dumpster pageant” that she can sign up for ‘cause she knows without a doubt that she would win. In all seriousness, mama has this look on her face like “wow, that’s a great idea”.

If I could describe this show in one sentence, it’s like the Jersey Shore of “Toddlers & Tiaras”, but maybe worse.

So what does the future hold for Alana “Honey Boo Boo”? I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a future sex tape coming from some member of the Thompson family, Alana herself has an 80% 110% chance of becoming an obese adult, then there are the attendant health risks; increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. There have already been visits to the family from child services and the authorities for Alana dancing for dollars in a bar! When all the shock and awe wear off from their reality show, Alana is going to be an adorable unhealthy overweight little girl who lacks the skills for being able to cope in “normal society” – with a big personality despite her dysfunctional family. But Hey, mama does have Alana’s best interest at heart, she did teach her how to dance for dollars in a bar and there is there could always be a spin-off of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, “Dumpsters & Tiaras.

[Editor’s Note] – Hopefully Honey will grow up quickly and realize what a horrid abusive bunch of pigs her family really are – then it’s time for her to do a Macaulay Culkin and divorce her parents – hopefully Boo Boo will wind up in better shape as an adult than did poor Macaulay.

Learn What The Future Holds For Honey Boo Boo Alana Thompson – Personal Spoiler

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  2. Aussierose says:

    I completely disagree with how you are describing this family. How is June a worse mother than any strict christian in the south who doesn’t teach their children safe sex or contraception? That God is the answer to all questions? That women should not be able to chose their own sexual health care? This family doesn’t have much in the way of money, and that is what makes this family great! They have fun with what they have, they play in the mud, they go quad biking! I am from a middle to higher wage family and this was my fondest memories of childhood! I even went to the dump with dad every so often and absolutely loved it. June is not forcing Alana to do pageants, Alana actually wants to do it. Alana has a wonderful personality and June is giving her the opportunity to develop her personality. I do agree that pagents sexualise a child but what about Suri Cruise? Wearing heels and lipstick at age 6? No different. Marriage is simply a certificate, one can still get divorced or annulled, so really how is marriage more stable that a defacto relationship? I don’t think anyone should be forced into marriage to show children what is a “stable relationship” when marriage isn’t even an opportunity for all couples. Mike is their father, he works 7 days a week to support the family and I don’t think after 8 years and a kid that he is going anywhere. I do however agree that these kids will be incredibly unhealthy but quite frankly how is this any different to a child in a weight obsessed family who is on the path to anorexia? Atleast these girls are learning to love their bodies! Don’t blame June for this show, this family is by far the most humble family from toddler’s and tiara’s. You see a mum crying that her daughter didn’t win the $10,000 cash prize because $1000 is nothing for them. That is a bad mum. Not a mum who is teaching her children how to love life with less.

  3. Mslinds says:

    What a horribly vitriolic and judgemental piece of writing.