Ian Somerhalder Travelling Without Nina Dobrev: Christmas Together or Apart?

Ian Somerhalder Travelling Without Nina Dobrev: Christmas Together or Apart?

Ian Somerhalder hates traveling as much as we hate infomercials, but Christmas is a time for giving, receiving, and traveling – a weird combination of airplane sweat and stressed out babies wrapped in onesies. If you’re a mega-hit star on one of the biggest television shows on the planet, you’re going to travel. It’s a given. It’s intrinsically part of the job.

Somerhalder recently revealed how he feels about traveling over Christmas time. “Holiday travel BLOWS! Trying to be champion of positive thinking but it’s tough. If Star Trek could beam Scotty up in the 60’s why can’t we now?” Somerhalder teasingly asked. Well, Ian, not trying to burst your bubble there, but Star Trek was a fictionalized account of the future (read – future). You don’t want to come out the other side looking like a Picasso painting, now do you?

Unfortunately, Somerhalder’s will not be consoled by his beautiful co-star and girlfriend Nina Dobrev during his anxious trip in a metal box with wings and terror and crying babies and Twilight Zone memories and Oh God, I can’t breathe!  She, on the other hand, revealed two days before Somerhalder’s vacay that she was packing her suitcases for her own Xmas holiday trip. It’s still uncertain whether Somerhalder will be joining Dobrev on this anxiety-ridden voyage and/or whether he will be heading home for the holidays.

Seeing that Dobrev can’t console him during his bon voyage, why doesn’t he follow our tried and tested method of panic evacuation? If the terror comes-a’-knockin’, those Valiums can-be-a’-rockin’! Okay, fine, we know we’re not Eminem, no need to spell it out for us…

In any case, Dobrev or not, Somerhalder will have a great Christmas with family and friends – it’s a short reprieve from the daily stressors of life, but it’s an important one nonetheless. (No, seriously, if Christmas holidays weren’t on the calendar, we’d have already died on our keyboards.)

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  • Georgia_Peach

    How wrong can this article possibly get? Ian and Nina are together sharing their Christmas holiday, as well as with their families that will be flying in. There are pictures of Ian and Nina together at the Salt Lake City airport…on their way to their winter wonderland holiday.. This will be their third Christmas celebrated together.. For New Years they will be flying to ….Asia

    • ihatepeople

      That’s why you can’t always believe what you read.

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