Jake Gyllenhaal With Hot Mystery Woman Better Looking Than Taylor Swift

Jake Gyllenhaal With Hot Mystery Woman Better Looking Than Taylor Swift

It looks like Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t letting Taylor Swift get to him. His ex-girlfriend from two years ago has a new album out, and she takes a swipe at Jake.  I’m glad Jake isn’t letting this passive aggressive stab at payback affect his happiness with another woman. He is happy and moving on. Jake was linked to several women since his break up with Taylor two years ago. His last girlfriend was Minka Kelly, whom he dated this summer. Jake is now being linked to a new mystery woman.  Anyone’s got to be better than crazy Taylor, no?

On November 9 Jake was spotted walking in New York City’s East Village with a pretty brunette holding her hand. He was all smiles and looking very relaxed with her. Some reports are that she is a long time friend of Jake’s, not his girlfriend.  But friends can become friends with benefits or even girlfriends – this happens all the time.

Jake is working in New York City right now staring in the off Broadway play “If There is a Heaven I Haven’t Found it Yet”. According to the New York Post Jake is enjoying his time in the Big Apple hanging out at theatre haunts like Bar Centrale with friends after his performances.

Jake deserves some happiness after what whack job Taylor put him through. She is crazy and doesn’t have a clue how to have a romantic relationship.  As I’ve said before her unconventional childhood and having been a working musician since the age of 9 did not allow for her to learn how to date like the rest of us in high school.  She pushes guys away and then makes up stories about them.  If you think about out, her songs are more funny than sad or angry. The woman is just so out there with her emotions.

The country superstar’s song “Red” from her new album of the same name is rumored to be about Jake and it’s not a nice song.  The song’s lyrics are harsh, as if Taylor wanted some public payback for a rocky relationship with Jake.

I checked out the lyrics to Red on lyrics.com. The songs starts with “Loving him is like driving a Maserati down a dead end street./ Faster than the wind/ Passionate as sin.” Taylor explains the song on VH1’s Storytellers “You have the great part of red, like the red emotions that are daring and bold and passion and love and affection. And then you have on the other side of the spectrum, jealousy and anger and frustration and you didn’t call me back and I need space.”

Sounds like a bunch a crap to me.  Taylor only dates guys to have writing material for her albums.  Think about it… how many of Jake’s ex-girlfriends have also come out publicly to bash him? Zero! Jake is better off to not be with Taylor anymore. Luckily, it doesn’t look like she scarred him for life.

Check out Jake and mystery woman here.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures