Jenelle Evans, Maci Bookout, and Leah Messer Shocking Baby News

Jenelle Evans, Maci Bookout, and Leah Messer Shocking Baby News

The latest cover of OK! Magazine proudly displays the antics of three of the most polarizing teen moms – Jenelle Evans, Maci Bookout, and Leah Messer. The quickie married one, Jenelle, poses like a bug on a National Geographic documentary, while Maci smiles like a toothpaste model and Leah frowns like a naughty Cabbage Patch Kid. According to OK!, these three wicked witches of the week have scandalous baby news! The tagline reads, “Teen Mom Shocking Baby News – Jenelle’s plan to steal Jace back; Maci: A sister for Bentley; Inside Leah’s difficult pregnancy decision.”  This news is sure to send a group of giggling nuns to the silent room!

In the top corner we have another – count it – Kate Middleton story. We’ve heard them all, including “Kate Middleton Isn’t Pregnant – the shocking lie that will rip the Windsors a new one”, “Kate Middleton Is Expecting Lady Gaga”, and the most outrageous of them all, “Kate Middleton Is an Alien Brought to Earth to Exact Revenge on Tom Cruise and Scientology.” However, OK! takes it one step further in their tagline, “Duchess Kate’s bizarre pregnancy plan!” Trust us, OK!; nothing can be more bizarre than what we’ve already read in the dark corners of the internet.

On the right-hand side of Middleton’s bizarre-o preg plans is the face of our favourite freak, Kim Kardashian. According to OK! they have all the details on Kim’s $100 million dollar wedding. Does this horrific Kardashian realize that a large proportion of the world is dying of hunger? Does she realize that $100 million could feed an entire African family for the next five centuries? No, she doesn’t. Why should she? She’s a fame whoring lunatic who plans on taking over the world with her fur coats and Bruce Jenner. That wedding will, in all probability, return like a boomerang in Australia and crack her junk in the trunk – Karma is sneaky like that.

If you’re interested in reading more about the Teen Mom witches and their baby drama, Kate Middleton’s unorthodox pregnancy plans, and Kim Kardashian’s multimillion-dollar wedding, be sure to pick up the latest copy of OK! magazine.

It is, after all, the only magazine with the real story.