Jennifer Aniston Covers Baby Bump While Shopping With Justin Theroux At Barneys (Photo – Video)

Jennifer Aniston Covers Baby Bump While Shopping With Justin Theroux At Barneys? (Photo - Video)

Jennifer Aniston has never tried to hide that she is desperate for a baby—and we get it. It can’t be easy to watch ex husband Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their flock of children, and old pal and Friends costar Courtney Cox had one. When will it be Jen’s turn? The engaged actress has been silent about pregnancy rumors, except for a comedic video of “home surveillance” from her house that show her with a huge fake pregnant belly of triplets.

She and fiancé Justin Theroux haven’t named the date yet, and we’re hearing all sorts of wedding reports, from huge blow out, no stops wedding to ultra private on a cliff in Mexico.

So what’s pushing the wedding date back? Well, while shopping in Beverly Hills with Justin, Jen was holding her a puffy coat and shopping bag awkwardly over her stomach. You can check out the picture, but we don’t think that’s a very natural way to hold anything—what is she hiding under there?

The actress topped off the look with jeans and slightly oversized blouse. She and Justin seem to be having a pretty serious conversation (or maybe it just looks serious because Justin looks super hot in aviators, all black, and a leather motorcycle jacket?) as they walk to their car.

So what did they buy? Well the bag is from Barney’s New York and reads “Electric Holiday,” which is a promo with the American Red Cross. The Barney’s website explains, “From November 14th through January 3rd, 25% of the retail price of all the items in the Electric Holiday Collection will be donated to American Red Cross disaster relief.” It’s a great cause, to be sure, but what is in the Electric Holiday collection? Besides normal apparel, a heck of a lot of Disney merchandise, including toddler towels, dog collars, and lollipops!

Is Jennifer starting to fill a nursery with the brightly colored decorations like Mickey Mouse string lights? The promo includes children’s clothes too—make of it what you will! Has Jennifer’s holiday shopping been replete with nursery decorating?

Editors Note: Let’s keep something else in mind here – Jennifer is such a huge famewhore that she will have to wait as long as possible before announcing her alleged pregnancy.  Why?  The answer is obvious… KATE MIDDLETON!!  You don’t think that Jennifer wants to compete with that, do you?  Its bad enough for her that Brad and Angie got engaged before she did, but now this!  How dare the future King and Queen of England upstage the talentless one?

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