Report: Jennifer Aniston’s Intensive Fertility Treatment Revealed – Is She Pregnant?

Report: Jennifer Aniston’s Intensive Fertility Treatment Revealed - Is She Pregnant?

Jennifer Aniston is looking bloated from the IVF drug treatment she is taking as she desperately tries to conceive a child with her fiancé, Justin Theroux.  Photos of Jen’s face appearing puffy and pillow-like, a common side-effect of fertility treatment, have appeared right here on Celeb Dirty Laundry recently.  While Jennifer struggles to get pregnant she is forging ahead with plans for decorating a luxury nursery suite in which to nest her desired issue.  In fact Jennifer and Justin are already looking at paint samples for their nursery!

According to a  source “[Justin] shyly asked Jen if he could have a role in helping decorate the nursery — in addition to his role in helping to make the actual baby, of course.”  Jen herself is complaining about carrying water weight, a rare concession on the diva’s part of any imperfectionJezebel reporting OK! Magazine’s print edition, September 24th, says that the water weight is a side affect from the fertility treatments Jen has started. Will she make it down the aisle before she needs a maternity gown? Or will Jen want to wait until after the baby comes?  Can you see a visibly pregnant Jennifer Aniston getting married – or having a large celebrity-filled wedding?

The couple are getting their wedding plans set up, and that “Jen’s wild bachelorette party will be hosted by fun on a bun, Chelsea Handler. Insiders suspect that a Handler party will involve blow-up dolls, leather chaps, and lots of booze.” Of course it would! Chelsea Handler, aside from being Queen Who The F**k Cares, has probably slept with every sex-shop owner in Hollywood, thus having full access to bachelorette party accessories!

We’ve been waiting years for Jennifer Aniston to return to her Friends level of talent and success. It seems that she’s become more interested into catching up to ex-husband Brad Pitt and his new fiancée Angelina Jolie. Jen and Justin got engaged a few months after Brangelina, and now are trying to catch up to their baby count! They have a long way to go. Of course, Angelina is too busy helping war refugees to notice Jen’s pathetic attempts to reestablish herself as Hollywood A-list.

7 responses to “Report: Jennifer Aniston’s Intensive Fertility Treatment Revealed – Is She Pregnant?”

  1. Simone says:

    What a lie! Her face is puffy because of collagen injections.

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  3. Siggie Blue says:

    Why cant Jenni have her life? Must she always be compared to Angelina? She was a truly wedded wife to Brad therefore it is time people leave her a lone. Should she kill herself and not have a life of her own? She was a wedded wife not a homewrecker whether she has a child or not it is her choice. They both have moved on why cant we do the same?

  4. jhunted7667 says:

    if a woman doesn’t ovulate for a man then she doesn’t love him and if she doesn’t love him, she certainly shouldn’t marry him , fertility treatments are for women who for the most part are not ovulating for the man they are with , why bring a child into the world with a man you do not love ?? in situations like these , one to get get close to God and ask his advice

    • Pepsi says:

      Fertility has nothing to do with loving your partner. Women who are raped, get pregnant. Young girls who have incest (via rape) with a family relative can get pregnant. I think someone needs to have ‘the talk’ with you about the birds and the bees, because you don’t seem to understand ‘the facts of life’.

  5. Pepsi says:

    she “deserves” a baby (even though she has made it more than clear she does not want one)? What planet are you on? And I’ve yet to see anything happy about that woman, or a kind bone in her body. She deserves to have the same pain she inflicted on Heidi when she stole her man.