Jennifer Garner Reacts To Kristen Stewart and Ben Affleck’s Hot Date and “Focus” Plans

Jennifer Garner Reacts To Kristen Stewart and Ben Affleck’s Hot Date and "Focus" Plans

Should Jennifer Garner clutch her expensive pearls and collapse because Kristen Stewart is set to co-star with her director husband, Ben Affleck in the movie ‘Focus’. The plot thickened even more because K-Stew and Ben were allegedly seen having dinner together. Kristen used to just be the moody heroine of the Twilight franchise but ever since her cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders, her lack of personality has been colored by vixen red. It’s become easy to assume that she is easy, a preying man stealer.

Kristen is a big girl and can be held accountable for her lady parts. Jennifer Garner needs to use hers—her brain that is.

For the sake of argument, let’s just say that Kristen just can’t keep her hands to herself. Still, that wouldn’t excuse Ben if he were to fall for her charms. If he cheats, it would be his own choice. Ben is a grown man and not a small child being led astray by a 22 year old. Kristen has a vagina, not a magnet between her legs. For some men, there is no difference, but a married man doesn’t have that excuse.

Kristen might have brought all this suspicion on herself by sleeping in another married man’s bed but until ‘US Weekly’ publishes incriminating photos of her and Ben, Mrs. Affleck needs to let cooler heads prevail. If you’re married and don’t trust your husband to dine with someone of the opposite sex, your spouse is the problem; funneling anger solely towards Kristen is a bandaid for insecurities.

Jen seems like a sophisticated lady with smarts. She has enough intelligence to know that Kristen just can’t steal her husband as though he’s an object that can be put into one’s pocket. If he flirts, cheats and leaves, those are all his decisions and contrary to the happily ever mantra that has been written for Bennifer 2.0., rumors of cheating have long plagued their relationship.

Kristen just may be the latest symptom of an ongoing issue that exists between the couple. The cure just may be in another woman: Gloria Allred. Jennifer needs to call that woman and schedule a press conference if Ben makes a fool out of her. She needs to apply the thinking woman’s elixir. Don’t get mad. Get everything.

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet