Jessica Simpson Tweets First Pic Of Baby Maxwell (Photo)

Jessica Simpson Tweets First Pic Of Baby Maxwell (Photo) 0626

Jessica Simpson couldn’t contain her motherly pride today and tweeted her first pic of 8-week-old baby daughter Maxwell Drew to all her fans. She captioned the photo with the lively greeting “Howdy, friends!”

Maxi is the spitting image of Jessica, fresh with pouty lips and full cheeks. She even has a blond mop of curly hair sitting on top of her round head.

After a gestational period that had elephants checking their watches, Jessica finally delivered the little girl on May 1. She had a few weeks of new mommy bliss, and even took the cover of People magazine with the little tyke, but lately it’s been all business for the reality star millionaire mogul. It’s been recently revealed that Jessica is crumbling under the pressure to lose 50 pounds in just 5 months to get down to 130 pounds and satisfy her $4 million contract with Weight Watchers. She’s been spotted driving to the gym to meet with celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak, and is under a strict diet to make sure she gets to her goal weight in time.

Luckily for us, Jessica is all about keeping her fans updated on her weight loss journey. Over the weekend she shared a revealing pic of her monumental breasts bulging from her top as she walked Maxi around the block. It didn’t take a genius to realize Maxi was well fed, and judging from the new photo, we were completely on point!

I’m not the best judge of babies since I join Elaine in thinking most of them are “breathtaking”, but Maxi is pretty cute. Check out the photo below. You just want the squeeze her cheeks, right?


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