Joe Gorga And Melissa Gorga Are Up The Creek: No Paddle In Sight!

Joe Gorga And Melissa Gorga Are Up The Creek: No Paddle In Sight!

Why are Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga selling their homes including their shore house that went through a major renovation? Because they really are having money issues. You know it has to be bad when your mortgage is twice what the home is worth.  It sounds a little shady that a bank would give a mortgage that much higher than the value.  Maybe Joe should buy fewer anabolic steroids – save a few bucks.

Melissa had previously said all this drama was not due to them having money problems but that’s not the case.  There’s been rumors flying around that the couple have overspent and went way out of the way to look like they have big money.  Joe is always talking about how much money he has which makes him look like a egotistical jerk. I don’t think that’s really the case but both he and Melissa have talked about Joe’s sister Teresa Guidice and how she owes people money and how she has so much in debt.  Are they any better?

The Gorgas are selling there shore home for $500K but they owe $2.25 million on the shore house mortgage. There also selling their other home for over $3 million. They say they want to move to Franklin Park so they are closer to Joe’s job.  Maybe they should move closer to the jail.  The mortgage they took out was way over what the home is worth.

They have plans to buy a new home closer to where they use to live. The new home has a outdoor kitchen and a salt water pool. They showed the home on the Real Housewives of New Jersey when it was mid renovation. Joe did all the renovation. Wonder if Joe’s sister Teresa will have to use some of her book sales money to bail out her brother and sister-in-law. Teresa’s always saying her sister-in-law Melissa is a gold digger but it looks like her brothers eyes were bigger than his wallet.  Keep checking back with us for all the latest Real Housewives of New Jersey dirt!

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3 responses to “Joe Gorga And Melissa Gorga Are Up The Creek: No Paddle In Sight!”

  1. Guest says:

    OK, writer of this article – first of all, you are presenting rumors as fact and providing no proof.

    Beyond that, here’s a lesson

    there – the opposite of ‘here’
    they’re = they are
    their – possessive pronounce meaning ‘belonging to them’

    an egotistical jerk (not ‘a’, since egotistical starts with a vowel)
    same thing for an outdoor kitchen

    Are you friends with Teresa, btw?  Hell, you could even BE Teresa since you both have the same level of grammar, lol.  Well, maybe yours is a wee bit better than hers, lol.

  2. InMyOpinion says:

    Wow, here we go again another hate fest on Melissa and Joe! Again as every one of your Melissa article goes, no facts! Moving to make their lives peaceful and calm, especially for their children. It’s not healthy to be around that atmosphere especially when Teresa’s children are saying such rude adult things to and about the Gorga’s that they could have only heard from their parents. After hoping Teresa would come through on her “promise’s” of a truce and a starting over with the Gorga’s, they are now making their marriage and children the prime focus, something Teresa can’t seem to do or learn, it’s not in her blood. Getting a mortgage from a bank is not illegal if their appraisal is high or low on the value of a home or property. The housing market gives you no choice, the rate is the rate, the value is the value, NOTHING ILLEGAL there. I see no proof of facts here in your articles, just filled with judgment, personal opinion, hate along with a lack of proof and facts! This is getting old……………….

  3. InMyOpinion says:

    P.S. Seriously, building a new house, is NOT “Up The Creek With No Pad.” If anything it shows some financial stability and credit if they are able to do so.