Johnny Depp Stops Drinking In Effort To Stay Pretty, Is It Working?

Johnny Depp Stops Drinking In Effort To Stay Pretty, Is It Working? 1012

The midlife crisis continues for Johnny Depp. Not only has he kicked his beloved partner of 14 years to the curb but he’s also saying adios to his wine. At least Vanessa Paradis has something to drink while she figures out what to do next! Apparently the aging, Tim Burton-character is talking to the man in the mirror and asking him to change his ways.

A source told Star magazine, “Johnny’s tried to quit drinking before, but this time he is really serious. He even gave a pal six of his most expensive bottles! Booze is really drying and aging to the skin — Johnny’s lucky to have good genes, but he knows his looks are his meal ticket.”

Look, I know this is Star but I’m just going to pretend this is true, OK? I have no idea where Johnny Depp’s head’s at! He’s supposed to be the anti-Hollywood guy. He’s supposed to be quirky and different and not care what people think. Johnny Depp never watches his movies. Johnny Depp trashes hotel rooms. Johnny Depp buys islands and lives in France so he doesn’t have to play the Hollywood game.

But there’s this other side emerging. This Johnny cheated incessantly on the mother of his children with younger co-stars. This Johnny loves Disney paychecks. This Johnny wears more accessories than Captain Hook. This Johnny is afraid he’s losing his pretty. I don’t like this Johnny Depp as much if anything because he’s a little slow on the draw. Sorry to say but Johnny lost his pretty a long time ago. Maybe if he would have sat through Public Enemies he would have figured it out sooner.

Why give up drinking? Johnny Depp is a character actor although he tends to play the same character over and over again. So why does it matter what he looks like? I would never give up the juice. When I think of life without it I just get horribly angry and I don’t even have a tattoo that says “Wino Forever”. If Johnny quits anything it should be the smoking. That’s definitely not doing him any favors.

Is Johnny Depp vain? You know he recorded You’re So Vain with Marilyn Manson and he most definitely puts more into his wardrobe choices than I do which really isn’t saying much. But still… why all the layers? Does Johnny cover up with scarves and jackets and necklaces and pirate shirts because he’s afraid we’ll notice he’s not Edward Scissorhands anymore? If Johnny Depp stops drinking do you think he’ll reclaim some of his youth? Is that delusional or just sad? When did Johnny Depp get sad?

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13 responses to “Johnny Depp Stops Drinking In Effort To Stay Pretty, Is It Working?”

  1. Me says:

    He stopped drinking alcohol for months now…it was reported in january or february in several media and also he has been photographed with those pack of “NON-Alcoholic” beer…

    In those media it was said it was because he was under the influence of his natives pals and obviously, because he was drinking a lot principally because the bad state of his relationship with Vanessa Paradis, and how according to the reports they broke up at the end of the 2011, so it was the right time to take control over his life and health again

    I don’t believe for a second that he can take any action because his looks…that’s ridiculous! he obviously DOESN’T CARE HOW HE LOOKS!

    And stop bitching about his appeareance, in the picture in this article he looks better than he has looked in years!

  2. Johnnyisawesome says:

    It’s a bullshit. Johnny looks amazing. Maybe you should shut-up for a while. Leave him alone. He knows what to do, not us.

  3. Arnie says:

    This articles just rude!! U may have lost ur youthful face but johnny depp undoubtably hasnt. And for the way he dressess, he is unique, i quite like his assortments jewelly and quirky scarves. Its horrible to judge!

  4. If he quit the alcohol to retain his good look, then this is working really good because he looks hot as the hell in his recent pictures (including the picture here!)

  5. Pussycat says:

    I guess you’re blind because he was crazy hot in Public Enemies…OMG…the little troll who wrote this needs to crawl back under his bridge…jealous much?…Johnny can’t try to improve his life without negative comments…this is one stupid article…and I haven’t seen him with a cigarette in his mouth for a while…

  6. enchantedrose says:

    This ‘article’ is full of spite, bile and outright hatred. Sour grapes, maybe? Johnny’s gorgeous! And he’s adored by millions of girls and women all over the world – are all those people wrong? This ‘piece’ reeks of jealous spite; I suggest the author tries to get a life instead of bashing someone as succesful, talented, generous, sweet natured and gorgeous as Johnny.

  7. charlotte says:

    is it working? it never stopped ;)

  8. Rum Runner says:

    Wow I’ve just discovered this website (i know sad) and I’m the truest Depp fan there ever lived but if this ain’t the truth I don’t know what is. Holla to the writer for their opinion

  9. Linda says:

    I would just like to comment on a few things. We do not know who dumped who, now do we? Could it be that Vanessa changed and wanted to move on? There is no proof as to when JD starting dating or when the relationship started to shut down. We will never know how long and hard they worked on things before they finally ended. Personally, I feel he took things harder then people may think. He lost the family unit that he appeared to have wanted for so long. You were most likely correct regarding his attitude toward the Hollywood scene. Time and time again it’s been noted that he prefers taking the road less traveled. Many people have stated on the record that JD is extremely caring and kind; not full of himself like so many others. Maybe he’s stopped drinking for health reasons – I agree that he should stop the smoking as well. As far as his clothes, he has chosen his style. I think he looks like himself and as the director of “Secret Window” stated: : “You can muss him up, but you just can’t make him unattractive.” I agree. His looks are not going anywhere for a long time!

  10. El says:

    He didn’t I have seen him holding a beer so this is propaganda at it’s best again of course we must believe anything we see from any tabloid.

  11. Johnny Depp is as hot as he ever was..Period.
    You need to keep your dirty beak shut.

  12. DidIDoThat? says:

    So, let me get this straight–
    You’re saying that due to recent (positive) life decisions that Johnny is now “typical Hollywood”?
    Where I come from, we tend to think before we speak– let me catch you up on some thing’s you might have missed: 1. Drinking is unhealthy (except the one glass of wine after dinner bit) I get the feeling like you we’re one of those people who followed the crowd. Luckily for us though, Depp doesn’t tend to just jump on the bandwagon which is probably why he’s a genius at his craft and you write blogs:/ 2. Did it ever occur to you that maybe , oh I don’t know 13 yrs ago, he wanted to start making more “family films”; yeah, know maybe so his daughter and son could watch their dad be a pirate, chocolatier, mad hatter etc. cause I doubt George Jung and Don Juan Demarco are their cup of tea (on second thought, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were).
    No, Depp has not lost anything except for his selfish tendencies to engage in adolescent fun– he’s a father, perhaps he wants to be there for his kids as long as possible and realized he wouldn’t get very far without a liver… Maybe his children are his number one priority in every decision he makes– ya know, like he’s said in every interview for the last decade or so. But who knows, clearly he doesn’t.

  13. alena james says:

    johnny is one the most beautiful men on earth. he still looks good at his 49 ! most men don’t even look close as looking this good at 49. no he did not lose his pretty looks.