Julianne Hough Dumping Ryan Seacrest for American Idol’s Phillip Phillips

Julianne Hough Dumping Ryan Seacrest for American Idol’s Phillip Phillips

Julianne Hough seems to be crushing on Phillip Phillips – and this could mean bad news for Ryan SeacrestDancing with the Stars alum Julianne began dating boyfriend, Ryan in the spring of 2012 and I’m sure you will remember in July 2010 that she told TMZ that before dating him “he wasn’t my type” and “I thought he was gay”. Could those feelings maybe have resurfaced… and is that the reason she is flirting with Idol’ top six performer, Phillip Phillips?

Phillip Phillips is the 20-year old contestant from Georgia that is so talented that his parents gave him the same name twice, now if you add his adorable Georgia smile and good looks, he is every teenage girl’s dream and apparently Julianne’s as well!

Last night, Ryan publicly talked about his girlfriend, Julianne, after Phillip Phillips performed his rendition of the Dave Matthews Band’s song, The Stone. After, the judges gave their comments, Ryan said that Julianne was watching Phillip backstage, “I think she sighed and blushed and said, ‘Yummy’.” Just then, the cameras went to Julianne backstage who was blushing and laughing. Ryan then said, “We’ll be having this conversation after the show, darling.”

Did you watch last night’s episode? If missed it, you can read the full recap HERE.

Phillip was a class act when responding to Julianne’s flirting, he obviously didn’t want to air any dirty laundry on television, he said “I’m not trying to steal your girl, Ryan.”  Wow, is there trouble in Seacrest’s paradise? Can you blame Julianne for thinking that Phillip Phillip’s is hot? Yeah thought so, I can’t blame her either.

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     Oh ya, no woman in a relationship has ever had a crush on a young man, ever. What idiots who write this trash.