Justin Bieber Cheats On Selena Gomez Again – Eyewitness Account At His Hotel Room Party

Justin Bieber Cheats On Selena Gomez Again – Eyewitness Account At His Hotel

Justin Bieber is flip flopping again, so cover your eyes and ears readers, the excrement is about to be decapitated by a whirring fan – no, a real cooling down fan thingy, not a Belieber doing pirouettes! According to a new Lainey Gossip   report, Bieber flirted again, but this time it wasn’t with a Victoria’s Secret model with pouty lips, it was with the Windows 8 version of Selena Gomez.

At a recent after party (we suspect it was in Canada for the centennial of the Grey Cup) Bieber “scanned the club and settled on a girl who strongly resembles Selena.” The Bieber then invited Gomez 2.0 back to his hotel where the two canoodled and had a flirty lap moment when Bieber asked her to sit on his lap. According to Lainey Gossip, “She stayed on his lap for a while and he asked her if she wanted to hear his new song and he wanted to know what she thought of it and that eventually progressed to kissing and light groping.

Barbara Palvin, who?

The Gomez 2.0 then made it clear to the Biebs that she wasn’t interested in sex, so Bieber immediately ask her to hit the road like Jack from that seminal Married with Children soundtrack. Unfortunately, the damage was already done. In the land of celebrity, a quick kiss and light groping usually result in thousands of TMZ articles, awkward debates on Facebook,  and odd Tweets from fans who live in the more – how should we put this? – Rural parts of the world? You know those fans that build altars of the celebrity in their basements and wink at the television when they appear on screen?

If Selena Gomez 1.0 were to find out about this, it will most definitely be the end of their little faux-relationship. We knew the Bieber was a critter made in Cheatingville, but we never knew that he was such a sneaky little bugger! Say goodbye to your premiere version of Gomez, Bieber, because she was just decimated by the Lainey Gossip Trojan horse.