Selena Gomez Deeply Depressed Over Justin Bieber’s Cheating – She Runs Home To Mother

Selena Gomez Deeply Depressed Over Justin Bieber's Cheating – She Runs Home To Mother

Justin Bieber’s weekend performance at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada, drew not cheers and jubilations from lusty fans, but instead drew jeers and boos from fed-up non-fans. The singer was in town for the annual Grey Cup game, but the enraged football fans didn’t want this momentous occasion to be overshadowed the sugary beats of a one-sided teenage pop star. His trip to Canada, his home country, was below-the-radar and without much hype. Selena Gomez wasn’t there, nor were there any clingy models at his side, thank God – we’ve had enough of Bieber’s backstage hormones.

If you’ve been living under a rock with Bruce Jenner in La-La Land for the past couple of weeks, let’s fill you in on what went down between the Biebs and his Disney princess, Gomez. Three weeks ago, Bieber canoodled with a Victoria’s Secret supermodel that goes by the name of Barbara Palvin. The two tweeted pictures of one another backstage at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and by that Saturday morning, news broke of Bieber’s little indiscretion and the subsequent break-up between him and his teen sweetheart Gomez. They eventually rekindled their passion and moved on from the little Bieber hiccup, only to be stopped by the media police and arrested for being too boring.

Gomez is still nursing the wounds of her public humiliation, although she’s back in bed with Bieber and moving on from what could have been the biggest disaster in pop teen history. The despondent Disney superstar was snapped with her mother over the weekend and looked as melancholic as an American tourist in Africa. Dressed in stained sweatpants, the actress brushed her hands through her tousled hair and adjusted her unsightly spectacles. Her mother, who appears to have had a bout of the Bruce Jenner Botox flu, appeared blissfully ignorant of the media circus surrounding her famous daughter.

Why didn’t depressed Gomez jump on a flight and fall into the arms of her loving boyfriend in Canada? Why did she stay behind and wash away her tears in a cup of ice cream? Why didn’t she follow the Bieber balloon down the yellow brick road? Because a mother’s touch heals those burn wounds quicker than any doctor can, and a weekend away from the sweet Issey Miyake smell of Bieber’s armpits will transform Gomez into a new, confident, and powerful woman – Hell hath no fury on a woman scorned, especially if said woman has the oyster of the world on her tray of party favours.

The Bieber might have forgotten about his indiscretions, but the remarkable memory of a woman never fades. Pardon us for sounding feminist, but why should any woman be treated like secondhand toilet paper and be unable to stand up for what she believes in? Gomez is not unhinged, unstable, and unnecessary; she’s just wounded and sad. On the other hand, her man-child boyfriend deserves to be jeered in his home country – he is, after all, the music industry’s biggest parody.

Selena Gomez Deeply Depressed Over Justin Bieber's Cheating – She Runs Home To Mother

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