Real Reason Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Broke Up – Blame Chanel Celaya

Real Reason Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Broke Up – Blame Chanel Celaya

Barbara Palvin was vilified by the press, hunted by the scores of Beliebers with stalking issues, and lambasted by the Selena Gomez fans that lost their touch with reality. In fact, we even placed the well manicured horns on the Victoria’s Secret model and blamed her for the Bieber/Gomez breakup. She denied all of the accusations until the bitter end, even though no one believed her. Unfortunately, Palvin experienced a very human and very distinct logical fallacy – the one with the closest ties to the situation is usually the killer/the cheater/the home wrecker. According to latest Palvin is not to blame for the Bieber/Gomez five day split, Chanel Celaya is.

Who is Chanel Celaya we hear you ask? No, she’s not designer celery, Aunt Mildred! She is the actress in Justin Bieber’s As Long As You Love Me music video. Bieber kissed and canoodled with Celaya in the video which, in turn, made Gomez more jealous than an alcoholic suburbanite without breast implants. According to a source, “Everything actually started with Chanel Celaya, who he made out with in his video, ‘As Long As You Love Me!’ Selena was INCREDIBLY jealous [about] the amount of time they both were hanging out. And she was also jealous over the attention he gave to her. Selena then found texts that Justin sent to Chanel that were more sexually toned.” In true celebrity teenager fashion, the sexting was to blame for the break, not secret liaisons at a seedy club in downtown New York City.

Allegedly, “Selena brought it up angrily to Justin who denied any wrong doing, which Selena then got more mad at Justin for lying. Making things that much worse.” The loss of dialogue between Selena and Justin also left a lasting imprint of distrust on their relationship. A source explains, “There was a major trust issue that was broken and Selena took things to heart. Justin and Chanel are not an item but there was definite flirting through text between the two during and after the video was made. Justin was just dumb and didn’t erase the evidence.

In this case, Occam’s razor should have been left untouched, as the simplest answer was not necessarily the correct one. Be it as it may, Bieber and Gomez are on the road to relationship recovery, and hopefully, there will be no animosity, regrets, and/or finger pointing in the future.

What do you think, though? Do you think Bieber had a sexting fling with Celaya? Do you think Gomez overreacted? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Real Reason Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Broke Up – Blame Chanel Celaya

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  • megan marsh

    I mean it’s ok for us girls to get mad over those kind of things and have hurt feelings but, they made the perfect couple and should have never broken up and i think that she was not really overreacting that much but she should have toned it down a little bit. that was Selena’s choice and i think that now that he is 19 years old he should of thought about cheating in the first place before he ever did it and now he is definitly regreting, and wanting her back which she does not want him.i love justin and i thought that he would never do something like this but i guess unfortunately i was wrong and i hope she somedaytakes him back and that he will stop using marijuana and just calm down and stop getting so fired up about it.

  • Blame it on Justin bieber. Babara Palvin is just his pawn. He’s a bastrd…