Kate Middleton Furious About Katie Couric’s Anorexic Insult

Kate Middleton Furious About Katie Couric’s Anorexic Insult

Kate Middleton and Prince William have had a rough week with the French magazine, Closer, printing topless photos taken illegally of the Duchess of Cambridge as she relaxed sunbathing with the Duke.  But worldwide Internet coverage of some of Kate’s naked body reminds everyone how nice and slim is the future Queen of England.  And that is a problem.

Kate has been accused of having an eating disorder ever since she lost more than 12 pounds and dropped two dress sizes to fit into her Alexander McQueen wedding gown just 17 months ago.  Since then the 5-foot-10 Kate hasn’t shown any sign of putting the weight back on, if anything she might even have gotten leaner.  Public discussion of Kate’s weight remains a soft spot with the palace as well as with the Duchess herself.

Everyone knows that Kate is expected to produce an heir for Prince William and that requires that she get pregnant and bring a child to term – not so easy if she doesn’t eat and get some meat on her royal bones.  It is a fact that calorie-deprived woman or those with very low body fat often stop ovulating.  No ova = no heir – no matter how much loving goes on between the Prince and Princess. Furthermore, the scoop is that Queen Elizabeth, at 86 years of age, is applying pressure to the royal couple to hurry it up and get with the program. She wants to see a great-grandchild issue from her favorite grandson’s wife ASAP.  There is nothing like a royal pregnancy to help lure attention away from Prince Harry’s Las Vegas debacle and boost monarchist sentiment.  After all the royals are a family business and more family is good for business.

Into this scenario walks Katie Couric opening her big rude mouth and upsetting all the nice royals and especially Kate.  GLOBE reports in the print edition of the September 24th issue that Kate was prepared to give Couric her first serious interview regarding her relationship with Prince William until the genius insulted the Duchess.  Couric was discussing her new daytime ABC talk show saying “I think it would be interesting to interview Kate Middleton,” but then had the audacity to add, “I think she needs to eat more because she’s so thin.”

Kate feels she’s been stabbed in the back by Couric,” says GLOBE’s source.  “The buzz is that Kate, who’s only spoken on the air about her 10-year relationship with William when they jointly announced their engagement, was considering giving Couric her first ever solo chat show appearance.”  Oh well, next time Couric will keep her nasty remarks to herself – at least until she gets her victim on camera.

Now that Kate Middleton’s boobs are all being flashed all over the world her weight and her eating disorder have moved far from people’s minds.  But unless she gets pregnant before next summer, you can be certain those cries of anorexia and bulimia will return to haunt the fair Kate.

Photo Credit: Barcroft/Fame Pictures

  • She is extremely thin. Under 100 lbs at …. well over 5’8.5″ is too light. She is NOT 5’10”, she was dwarfed by Michelle Obama and Nicole Kidman.