Kate Middleton NOT Pregnant: Prince William and Queen Elizabeth Demand Medical Intervention

Kate Middleton NOT Pregnant: Prince William and Queen Elizabeth Demand Medical Intervention

The situation in the Palace is getting desperate as Kate Middleton remains unpregnant despite Prince William’s vigorous attempts to address the situation.  Recent stories about The Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy leaked by her ‘oldest friend,’ Jessica Hay, the previously discredited famewhore, are of course nonsense.

Fun Fact #1: if Kate and Will manage to get pregnant then an Australian tabloid will not be the first with the news.

The fact of the matter is that while Prince William certainly loves Kate as a wife, her primary role is to produce a royal heir.  The standard in monarchical tradition is as quickly as possible after marriage to produce an heir and ‘reserve,’ just in case something goes wrong with the first.  That is what Queen Elizabeth did as soon as she married as did Prince Charles and Princess Diana as well.  No monarch or heir to the throne wants to think that it will be their sibling’s line that will inherit the throne.

This is protection of the lineage is even more serious in the Elizabeth-Charles-William case since nobody in their right mind, royal or commoner, can envision Harry or his offspring ever ascending the throne.  This is not only because Harry is an irresponsible embarrassment to the royal family but because he is very possibly the son of Diana’s lover, James Hewitt.

Fun Fact #2: While Charles was cheating on Diana with Camilla Parker-Bowles, Diana was getting hers with James. Check out the pic below – is James Harry’s papa?

 Kate Middleton NOT Pregnant: Prince William and Queen Elizabeth Demand Medical Intervention

So you can see the situation pretty clearly – Kate and Will have been at it for over 18 months and still no dead rabbits.  Now as GLOBE reports through their inside sources, pressure is being applied to Kate to undergo IVF – the Queen want’s great-grandchildren from William and she wants them soon.  Her Majesty’s health is declining and she has even considered bypassing her unpopular son, Charles, in favor of the most popular royal today, William, but only if Kate can produce a baby.

Prince William’s beautiful wife Kate is so desperate to have a baby, she just secretly begun fertility treatments in London, GLOBE has learned in a world exclusive.

A team of medical specialists is pulling out all the stops so Kate can grant the Queen’s dying wish-to hold a new heir to the throne in her arms before it is too late.

Says a close source, “Kate wants her baby quickly and she doesn’t mind if it’s a boy or girl. But, of course, if she has in vitro fertilization there’s a good chance the royal couple could produce twins!”

 “Kate became increasingly worried that she isn’t yet pregnant-and after consulting with doctors, she decided to undergo IVF treatment,” says a close friend of the young royal couple.

“Kate was reluctant turn to IVF, but she and her friends decided they can wait no longer. Kate will be 31 in January and they don’t want to take any chances,” says the source.

The Royal source adds, “Kate has access to the best medical advice this insures it won’t be too long before we hear the patter of tiny royal feet!

There you have it and GLOBE offers more detail in their December 3rd print edition on sale now.  GLOBE reveals details of Kate’s visits to the royal gyno as well as a sneak peek at the couple’s love life in Wales.  I won’t give away the whole story but let’s just say they are keeping royally busy!

An announcement of pregnancy may well come in the future – but right now, Kate is not pregnant.   We’ll be watching all the developments on all the hot royal news for you, as is our custom.  Let us know what you think about the pressures being  put upon Kate to produce an heir?  Is Kate subject to an archaic obligation that ignores women’s rights and the tired tropes about “strong women” and “girl power?” Or as her previous sobriquet “Waity Katie” aptly implies, is this heir producing obligation exactly the role that Kate accepted, and in fact craved, when she decided she wanted to one day be Queen?

7 responses to “Kate Middleton NOT Pregnant: Prince William and Queen Elizabeth Demand Medical Intervention”

  1. Mikala Stainer says:

    what complete bull. kates scandal was similar to harry’s yea he was in a hotel room where anyone could have a camera phone but who changes on a balcony when they are in the public eye? harry is not an embarrassment to the royal family. he is charlses son. look at diana’s brother, harry looks like him, kate and william are probably waiting a while they are both only 30 and have ages of time to reproduce and the queen is not dieing

  2. keri12 says:

    The 10 year old photo of Prince Harry next to the 10 year old photo of James Hewitt was posted for a reason. As he’s gotten older, Harry looks so much like Prince Charles that it’s impossible to deny Charles is his father. Post any recent pics of Harry and Charles side by side; the resemblance is so undeniable there’s no doubt Harry is Charles’ son.

    As for Wills and Kate and the Globe’s “IVF rumours”: The Globe is making up stuff as usual. As of today’s date, the Globe has been wrong on every single royal gossip article it has ever printed in a paper or published online. It’s easy enough to google it and find out for yourselves. The articles are good entertainment, but that’s it.

  3. Lori Ross says:

    What a [expletive] idiot who wrote that HARRY is an “embarrassment” should go [expletive] themselves – the young man can do what he wants. He is in the military and who gives a crap if he has some fun ? I guess the [expletive] of an “author” can’t investigate worth a [expletive] or else they’d realize if anyone was an “embarrassment” it would be old Katy Waity. She has done nothing and she’s 30 years old. College degree and did NOTHING with it. She was William’s drinking buddy for about a decade and the result from that is now she has a great many photos online of when she was a public DRUNK. And connected to that are many crotch shots during those nights out she could not stop exposing herself. In Canada she went without panties….idiot got her ass photographed. I mean COME ON where are the STANDARDS ? The bimbo gets away with it — but then some dumb ass calls Harry an “embarrassment” ??? Hey at least he’s doing something with his life who cares ? Waity is a big zero – then the French photo debacle. OK this BIMBO is 30 years old yet continues to have juvenile problems hit her in the face over and over and over. She’s S-T-U-P-I-D. Look up videos on YouTube like “Kate Middleton-Party Girl” and there’s more where that came from. She in Google Images too.

  4. Lori Ross says:

    If you are not willing to admit was KATE’S past and opresent are like DON’T call Harry an “embarrassment at least he has a purpose and is brave in the military–as far as his LOOKS try checking out his mother Diana’s RED HAIRED SISTERS –

  5. Renae says:

    Instead of IVF, how about a hamburger? Kate’s obvious tendencies toward anorexia certainly will prevent her from conceiving until they are dealt with. She is beyond scary-thin and looks awful…

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