Kate Middleton Plans A Roast And Murder For Prince William

Kate Middleton Plans A Roast And Murder For Prince William 0611

Kate Middleton’s been busy planning a surprise 30th birthday for her husband Prince William and, although I’m trying not to ruin it for him, I found that Kate’s got a roast and a murder up her sleeve for the big day.

Now magazine reports that Kate’s not barefoot and pregnant but she is going to stay in that kitchen for the party of about 25 people. She’s going to cook for William’s friends and go back to 2005 and host a murder mystery game. Come on Kate! Murder mystery game? Just because you’re English and live in an ancient castle doesn’t mean you have to play Clue. I’ll bet she could hire Tim Curry if she wanted… that would the coolest thing ever. OK, Kate if you hire Tim Curry, this is actually a pretty cool idea!

“Kate really wants to make Wills’ birthday one to remember and she’s pulling out all the stops,” a source told Now. “She’s been secretly organizing a big party with the help of her mum Carole and her sister Pippa. Kate loves cooking for Wills whenever she gets the chance so she wants to make a roast dinner for 25 of his closest friends. After dinner, she wants to kick off the party with a murder mystery game, which she knows he’ll enjoy. Although there’ll be a fair few of his friends attending, it’ll still be a romantic evening for them as he’ll know that this is her way of showing him how much she loves him. He’ll really appreciate all the effort she’s put in.”

I told you Pippa would be helping out! Pippa to the rescue whenever fun is needed because without the Pipps, I think this party could border on boring cheeze. I know Kate is cute and all, but I bet her white bread gets a bit stale, which is why Wills had to kick it with the dudes this weekend. I’m not saying she’s not perfect for him or that there’s trouble in paradise (although I have heard some things and am working on a story for all you smut hounds), but Pippa and Prince Harry are needed if this party wants to get an R or hell, even a PG-13 rating. Sure, have your little murder mystery party but please let Harry bring some strippers in the basement, Kate! Let Pippa get fall-down drunk into the cake because she can’t find a husband. Let your man live on his 30th! And please, please, whatever you do, don’t give him the portrait you got made of yourself – unless you’re flashing a little nipple. Then that would be appropriate for all to see!

What do you think? Can Kate throw down an extravaganza or will this party be low key and low budge?

Photo Credit: Barcroft/Fame Pictures

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