Kate Middleton’s Parents Invade Kensington Palace Against Queen Elizabeth’s Wishes

Kate Middleton’s Parents Invade Kensington Palace Against Queen Elizabeth’s Wishes

Kate Middleton has been out of the hospital for just over a week after a nasty bout with hyperemesis gravidarum, but that doesn’t mean the newly pregnant future Queen of England is out of the woods yet. Last weekend Prince William joked about her morning sickness, saying it should be called all day and all night sickness instead. He cleared his schedule to stay home with his pregnant wife, and we hope he helped by holding back her beautiful brown locks! But just because we haven’t seen any royal ambulances pulling up to their home at Kensington Palace doesn’t mean Kate is on the mend. Her parents, Carole and Michael Middleton have moved into their home to lend a hand.

A source tells Star Magazine, print edition December 24, 2012, “Carole was already planning on bucking royal protocol, which normally calls for an army of nurses and nannies, by being a totally hands-on grandmother when it comes to caring for her newborn grandchild-to-be, but Kate has seemed so fragile while dealing with her debilitating morning sickness, that the time was right for her mom—with dad Michael in support—to take the initiative earlier than expected and make the cottage their home away from home. They’d sleep on cots in the kitchen if it meant being on hand to do everything they could for Kate.”

Now, there is no royal baby yet, and we can’t imagine what Kate’s going through if she needs both her parents, plus a royal doctor (no doubt Queen Elizabeth II has prescribed a live-in team of nurses and doctors), and Prince William (when he’s off work). Is Kate sicker than the palace is letting on, or are Carole and Michael just being clingy parents, celebrating the conception of their first grandbaby? Is Kate not getting enough support from hubby Wills? Why do you think her parents moved in so early?

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  • If Kate and William asked them to come help Kate, than why is their any problem. For Gods sake their her parents. Leave them alone.

    • Totally agree….. My mom would be there in a heartbeat if I was a tenth as sick. It’s what parents do, even if you have a sniffle. That’s what makes moms awesome, ESP. my mom!