Kate Middleton Thinks Pippa Middleton Is Perfect Princess For Prince Harry

Kate Middleton Thinks Pippa Middleton Is Perfect Princess For Prince Harry 0815

Everyone keeps yapping about how lonely Prince Harry looked during the Olympic Closing Ceremonies. Even The Telegraph has a story this morning urging Harry to get married soon. Well, Kate Middleton is coming to the rescue! She’s made it her personal mission to get Harry a girlfriend and I think we can all guess who she has in mind… Pippa Middleton!

Our royal insider reveals: “Away from the cameras, Kate and Harry always have long and meaningful heart-to-hearts, as they’re very close. But their recent private chats have been about Harry’s despair at not being able to find the right girl. Seeing how serious this is for Harry, Kate offered to help. She thinks it’s time he got over Chelsy Davy and moved on. It’s similar to what Wills’ mum Princess Diana did, as she set up Fergie with Prince Andrew.”

OK, so Now magazine doesn’t exactly say Kate is hooking Harry up with Princess Pippa, but after what we learned yesterday, it seems plausible, right? Harry is dating Pippa. It must have been at Kate’s urging. I’m sure she’d prefer Pippa to anyone but it doesn’t hurt that it gets Cressida Bonas and her half-sister (and Prince William’s rumored ex-obsession) Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe out of the picture.

But just like I said yesterday, I have to take this news with a grain of salt. The odds of two commoners, let alone common sisters, joining the Windsor family in the same generation aren’t good. But that doesn’t mean we can’t hope! But it makes you think. Is this why Kate is so hell bent on getting Pippa moved into Kensington with her, William and Harry?

I have a feeling all these Prince Harry girlfriend stories are stemming from the fact that Kate and William are pretty boring. Sure they’re cute and fun and even sometimes touch each other but they don’t have Harry’s charisma. Prince William might look more like their mother but Harry is her true heir apparent. From his mischievous behavior to his ease with children, Harry is a constant reminder of Princess Diana. And like Diana, we know Harry’s always good for a story and a laugh. His wife will hopefully be the same way. Earlier this week I asked who the break out star of the Olympics was. Many of you said Kate although Harry was up there as well. Judging from the current crop of stories I’m thinking Harry is the clear winner. No wonder Chelsy Davy doesn’t want any part of royal life. She wouldn’t be able to hide with Harry. He’ll be just as popular as Kate and a lot more will be asked of his wife. Prince William has already stated that he wants to keep Harry very involved with royal life even hinting the two might essentially rule together. The future Duchess of York will be just as visible and just as influential as Kate. So I agree with the Duchess of Cambridge. Pippa’s just right for the challenge… from a gossip point of view, of course!

But do you think Kate actually has Prince Harry’s best interests at heart or does she just want her sister around more? Do you think Pippa and Harry dating is a good idea or a recipe for disaster? There will be a lot of awkward encounters for the next fifty years if it doesn’t go well.

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  2. Angie says:

    I would love to see Harry and Pippa together. I think they they would make a wonderful little couple. One can only dream <3