Keira Knightley and Boyfriend James Righton: Engaged!

Big congratulations is in order for Keira Knightley’s boyfriend James Righton as he is about to be Keira Knightley’s husband! He just landed himself a superstar hottie for life! That’s right, Keira Knightley is engaged to her rocker beau after fifteen months of dating.

A spokesperson for Knightley tells Britain’s Daily Mail Online, “I can confirm that Keira is engaged to be married to James Righton.”

Their mutual friend Alexa Chung introduced the couple back in 2011 and it has been sunshine and rainbows ever since. The couple even tested out the waters by moving in together earlier this year and apparently that worked out well for them.

We rarely got to see this duo together in photos (seriously do you see any of these two together online?) and perhaps that is big reason why they have managed to keep their relationship so tight. I have to give them props, I didn’t even realize Keira was dating anybody! She sure did her best to keep this relationship under wraps.

Knightley is known for her lengthy, private relationships. Previously she dated her Pride & Prejudice co-star Rupert Friend for five years before breaking up in January of 2011 and even before him she dated Irish model and actor Jamie Dornan for two years.

As for James Righton’s biography, we do know that he is a keyboardist and vocalist for the British band The Klaxons. He was born on was born on Thursday, August 25, 1983 studied at Stratford-Upon-Avon High School and then attended the Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales.

You can check out Righton’s blogspot here.

Congratulations Keira and James!

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