Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson: First Kiss Photos Since Cheating Scandal!

Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson: First Kiss Photos Since Cheating Scandal! 1018

Well this should shut the conspiracy theorists up! Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson were caught locking lips and looking very comfortable together while hanging out at Kristen’s LA home today.

The couple, who’ve looked less than relaxed in public lately, appeared to be having a blast by the pool obviously under the belief that they were alone. Luckily, Kristen learned a lesson from Kate Middleton and kept her bikini on.

Popsugar has the new pics and reported: “The couple showed PDA while embracing each other and sharing a few laughs on a patio. Kristen later emerged in her swimwear for a dip. It’s the latest romantic rendezvous for the reunited duo, who were first spotted back together in public at Ye Olde Rustic Inn in Los Feliz over the weekend.”

This should nail the head in the coffin of all the are they or aren’t they rumblings going around. Kristen’s people loudly whispered the Twilight co-stars were indeed back together while Kristen was promoting On the Road at the Toronto Film Festival last month but the distance between the two, lack of photos, and Rob’s bachelor behavior had people wondering if it was just a publicity stunt. Does this look like a publicity stunt to you?

I have to say it looks pretty legit although the cynic in me has to wonder why Rob and Kristen are doing most of their PDAs behind the shortest shrubs on the property. You’d imagine Kristen would be a stickler about ABSOLUTE privacy at this point. But I guess she’s still learning?

What do you think? Between the sightings at Ye Olde Rustic Inn, their lunch date and this little grabby make-out session, are Rob and Kristen together for reals? Are the Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson first kiss photos believable? I’d like to say I told you so. I’d like to say I knew they were together all along but the timing is still so suspect to me. What about you?

Photo Credit: Fameflynet