Kristen Stewart Back To Bitch – Snaps At Bodyguard As She Leaves Toronto (Photos)

Kristen Stewart Back To Bitch – Snaps At Bodyguard As She Leaves Toronto (Photos)

The Toronto International Film Festival was a big occasion for Kristen Stewart. It was her first public appearance since news broke of her affair with married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. We have been covering her post-break up life, from wearing Robert Pattinson’s clothes, yelling at Nick Casavetes in a parking lot, getting expert PR advice from Roy Cohen, to more extreme things, like the possible breakdown of the Breaking Dawn promotional tour (new reports claim that they’ll be appearing together), and her steamy flirting with James Franco.

We applauded the comeback of Kristen Stewart. Sort of. All she really did was put on a dress and abstain from openly dissing the people around her. Those pro-Kristen signs held up by fans at TIFF probably did her morale a lot of good. But now we’re realizing that this wasn’t KStew’s comeback! It was just an extended acting session!

That’s right folks. Kristen’s good behavior at TIFF was all on behalf of her image. A source tells us that, as she was heading to the airport, the young celeb snapped at her bodyguard, yelling, “don’t fucking touch me, dude!”

God, girl! Isn’t that sort of out of character? Since she lets every other guy get some! (Well, Robert and James and Rupert. But still!!) If you can’t trust your hired staff, whom can you trust? I predict dark days ahead for Kristen if she’s going to be a bitch to everyone she comes in contact with. Kristen needs to remember that the best thing she ever did was get a part in the Twilight movies. If it weren’t for Bella, she’d be nothing!

Actress Kristen Stewart in a grumpy mood as she catches a flight out for Toronto after attending the 2012 Toronto Film Festival in Toronto, Canada on September 9, 2012. Kristen told her bodyguard, ‘Don’t Fucking Touch Me Dude’ when he tried to help her through the crowd. Kristen who is still in denial after her break up with Robert Pattinson is seen wearing his sweaty Baltimore Orioles hat at the airport.


  • gff

    I think you just need something negative to say about her. She did very well for those few days in Toronto. I am happy for her and actually a little proud of her. I’m not sure I would have done as well! So she said something she shouldn’t to her bodyguard; it was an emotional few days following an emotional summer.

  • pj

    Every woiman has a right to tell someone not to touch them. He is hired to protect her if she attacked not to touch her. If she touch another man that would be another whole article about KS touching another man. How the stories are reversed. She is entiled to her privacy ! ! !

  • Jane

    Kristen regrets getting caught with a married man but it’s not going to change her. She still wants to be the valley girl and wants to do what she wants when she wants to. No matter that her PR team told her to be contrite and smile on the red carpet and by all means be sweet to her fans. When Kristen saw the signs held up encourgaging her, she felt the power she has over them knowing that they will forgive her for anything. She has no social graces;due to being a Hollywood
    child doing as she pleased. I would like to see her go back to school and learn. I can see a difference in Rob since he has been away from her and I know she hates losing the power she had over him but being in a relationship when one has more power over the other usually never works out. Twilight exploded her into stardom and it must have been a heady experience for her to suddenly have all that power. I wish nothing but the best for her and Rob to find their place in life.

  • Becky

    Erm……so where is the picture of that happening???? I call BS!!!

  • this woman is Trailer Trash,

  • guest

    what you didnt say is that he grabbed her arm pretty forcefully and she didnt like it … heres the pic

  • Who’s the real bitch here? You or her? Your article reeks of it.

  • J S

    You guys are idiots! Why don’t you look at the way she was grabbed. I don’t care who you are I wouldn’t want anyone to grab me like that. And the best thing she did was get twilight…please I love twilight but it is the worst script writing. She would be just as successful without twilight just not as fast. I can’t believe i even read this garbage.

  • Kstew4eva

    SHUT the F***K UP!!!! all you idiots. Kristen is amazing! Who cares about Rob AND his F****N Morals i hope they dont get back together that dude was wearing her down, Practically sucking the life out of her. She is not F**KIN BELLA ,Kristen is an amazing actress.Twilight AND all you OBSSESSIVE PSYCHO-FANTIC TWIHARDS ruined her. Im glad this TWILIGHT SH**T will be over come November so i wont have to see more of this F***kin Vampire Sh**t. Come December 21 a WHOLE NEW CHAPTER FOR HER WITH ( ON THE ROAD).

    • guest

      thats nice blaming everybody.she ruined her own life with her stupidity ,immaturity , no sense of moral values and lacking self control.thetwilight gave her money and succesful career.blame the destructive skunk who is Kristen Stewart

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