Could Liberty Ross And Robert Pattinson Get Together For Revenge Sex?

Could Liberty Ross And Robert Pattinson Get Together For Revenge Sex?

We’ve heard very little out of the mouth of Liberty Ross, the jilted wife of Rupert Sanders – aka the douchebag director who smacked lips with Kristen Stewart and quite possible ruined his career – and her showmance with Robert Pattinson.  Has Liberty left her cheating hubby or is she aiming to forgive him?

As of now, she’s kept mum – but it’s been reported that the British actress and model posted a picture on the blog she writes for Vogue magazine of a condor in flight.  Now this can mean absolutely nothing, but if you’re into metaphors like I sometimes am, one can take this as a sign of freedom for Liberty.  Free Liberty!!  Now THAT needs to be on a t-shirt..

So does the image of the bird mean that she is moving forward with a divorce? The picture was accompanied with words “wow”.  Wow what Lib – tell us more!  I don’t know, I got to say that although I’m sure Liberty was devastated by the news of KrisPert (that is my newest nickname for the nasty cheaters), her star power – or rather her name – has certainly gained a lot of attention. Attention that she didn’t have before.

So whether her pic symbolizes anything or not, one thing’s for sure – Liberty will no doubt survive.  If I were her – with my permission of course – I’d set my eyes on RPattz. What would be better than the two hooking up to say ‘in your face’ to KrisPert?

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