Niall Horan Stalking Kendall Jenner Or Was He Hacked?

Niall Horan Stalking Kendall Jenner?

Hello, creeper!  The Twittershere and One Direction Fans were buzzing recently when it appeared that Niall Horan had turned into a bit of a stalker.  Niall Horan, 1D’s resident bachelor, had been tweeting back and forth with Kendall Jenner, when things took a disturbing turn.  Niall was so taken with Kendall that he started going through her pictures on Instagram and liking them.  Yes, I realize that doesn’t sound very serious, but it wasn’t just one or two pictures that he was “liking”; it was SEVERAL pictures in a very short time frame.  When fans of Kendall noticed this they started making snide comments about Niall stalking Kendall…creepy.

Luckily, for 1D fans, it turned out to be a misunderstanding of sorts and Niall revealed that his Instagram account had been hacked.   Right.  Niall later tweeted, “sorry, my instagram has been hacked!  Sorting it now!”  He then followed that up with this, “Right I’m back on! They made me look like a right weirdo! Creeper!”  Did he realize what he had done and tried to save face or was his PR team on full damage control alert and trying to stop the rumors before they turned into a monster?

Seems kind of sketchy to me since he was recently linked to Demi Lovato.  What kind of douche would date one celebrity and then start flirting with another one?  Oh, that’s right…he’s in a boy band so he’s still realizing that his fans consist of other celebrities as well as mere mortals.  Still, there is an age difference between Kendall and Niall, so perhaps he is taken with her but didn’t want to deal with the backlash if he went public.

Now when I say there’s an age difference I don’t mean daddy and daughter difference, I mean teenage love and statutory rape different.  Niall is 19 years old and Kendall is only 17 years old.  While that 2 year age difference won’t matter in a year, right now it is just safer for Niall to steer clear of the under 18 set.

What do you think readers?  Is Niall Horan a stalker or a victim of a hacker?

  • mariana

    i think this is probably the dumbest article… why would liking pictures of someone on instagram make him a stalker?

  • i like dozens of kim kardashian pictures on instagram.. does that make me a stalker? lol

    • zara