O.J. Simpson Murder Witness Glen Rogers Has Video Tape of Nicole Brown Being Killed

O.J. Simpson Murder Witness Glen Rogers Has Video Tape of Nicole Brown Being Killed

This is a pretty twisted chain of events, so turn down your music and try to follow along. In 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson hired Glen Rogers to paint her house. According to a source in The National Enquirer, print edition December 24, 2012, “O.J. Simpson dropped by Nicole’s house one day to see their kids, he spotted Glen working as a painter . . . O.J. approached and asked, ‘Would you mind keeping an eye out? My ex is hanging out with some bad people and I need a heads up.’ He said O.J. slipped him a fifty-dollar bill and he replied, ‘Cool man, I will.’ O.J. told Glen, ‘Good. My wife’s a whore and I need to know what’s going on in order to protect my kids.’” Eager to make extra cash, Rogers started bringing a video camera with him, thinking to catch Nicole on film if she ever brought a man over.

Rogers told the insider that “Nicole was terrified that O.J. would find out about any of her male friends coming to visit because he’d suspect they could be lovers. She complained that Simpson was stalking her.” On the night of the murders, Glen was waiting outside the home and claims to have seen Nicole come outside. A man in a dark jogging suit came up and they started fighting. Rogers started recording and claims, “Nicole desperately fought back . . . he caught the attacker on video . . . she pulled off the ski mask and was shocked to see that it was O.J. Simpson.” After Nicole’s murder, her friend Ron Goldman came over to return some glasses, but Rogers “only got a few seconds of footage of Ron being attacked.”

The source claims that Rogers was terrified about what the tapes meant, so hid the video and moved back to his hometown in Ohio, where he was later convicted of two murders and suspected of three others. He is now on death row, but was still terrified that O.J.’s power extended even into his prison cell. Despite admitting to other murders, he maintains he did not play a part in Nicole and Ron’s death. While in a Kentucky prison, Rogers was visited by two of O.J.’s lawyers, who asked him to sign a confession to the murders of Nicole and Ron. He refused. “He was furious that O.J.’s defense team was trying to pin the murder on him. But he didn’t turn over the tape because he was worried about his own safety.”

Now, this is all a bit crazy, since it comes from a man who is a convicted, self-proclaimed killer. Until we see tapes, I’ll be skeptical—it sounds like a man who committed some very evil crimes and who is looking to get famous and perhaps a get-out-of-jail-free card. Do you think there are tapes?

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