Octomom Nadya Suleman Clipping Coupons Wants To Be The New Kate Gosselin

Octomom Nadya Suleman Clipping Coupons Wants To Be The New Kate Gosselin

Octomom Nadya Suleman is trying to sell herself again but this time it will not be in self-pleasure porno movies or as a topless stripper – Octomon is going coupon clipping!  At first we saw Kate Gosselin partnering up with a coupon clipping site called “CouponCabin.com” due to her obvious need for money – having eight kids, having her show “Kate Plus 8” getting cancelled and let’s not forget the dirt bag husband Jon Gosselin who spent a fortune in Las Vegas on cars and women.

Now “Save Everyday” will be releasing the kraken by becoming partners with none other than Octomom, Nadya Suleman, who just so happens to be a porn star as well.  Octomom clipping coupons – can you see it?  Wasn’t Octo recently spending $500 on haircuts while her kids went hungry and neglected and without working toilets?

Nissa Rhodes the director of Savings said this, “We heard about her financial situation and we contacted her, we created the program to help people who are trying to make ends meet.” Wow, did they not hear about her porn career?

It’s a pretty nice thing you know that “Save Everyday” does this sort of thing because there are a lot people out there going through a lot of problems because they have a lot of children and really can’t afford everything for them so easily. Now Octomom will be hired and begin working with “Save Everyday” and support her children with more ease, and who knows, maybe Octomom can even give up her new porn career!

The start of the promotion will see fifty percent of the proceeds from the website page going towards a fund for Octomom’s children.

3 responses to “Octomom Nadya Suleman Clipping Coupons Wants To Be The New Kate Gosselin”

  1. Msterri21 says:

    So happy for Octomom for this coupon company offering her a job and to set up trusts for her 14 children…I’m happy about this and I feel good not only for the 14 children but for Nadya.  As for the crack about Jon…I that wasn’t right…What about his wife Kate spending on herself, for $1000 hair extensions, spa treatments, nail & Pedicures, botox, and other things…don’t put all what happen to Jon & Kate on Jon….I can tell this article is done by a woman who hates asians.

    • Kimba10 says:

      Are you for real? Nadya blew through a million dollars+ in less than three years on Botox, Gucci sunglasses, shopping sprees, and fast food…she could have paid cash for her house but didn’t…and she receives foodstamps and welfare for the kids…she just wants more fun money for herself. I really hope they set up airtight trusts for the kids, because you can bet their so-called mom will blow it as fast as she can.

  2. Redviolets says:

    First, Jon didn’t seem like a “dirt bag” husband.  He seemed like a guy caught up in a problem marriage that neither of them could or would solve.  Kate was far from innocent in that.  Second, this woman is trash and it makes me nauseous to read about her.  Frankly, she should be shot along with the other freeloaders that are breeding in our society.  She will never contribute her share and we will never make her.  I hate people like this.  She needs to get a f-ing job and contribute or be shot or deported.