It’s Official: Natalie Wood’s Death Not An Accident!

It's Official: Natalie Wood's Death Not An Accident!

Natalie Wood’s suspicious death in no longer ruled as an accident and law enforcement officials are actively investigating the case. Wood’s death certificate formerly stated ‘Accident’ but this was changed to ‘Undetermined’ due to suspicious bruising on her body.  The change was made when forensic experts investigating the case determined that certain bruises on Natalie’s body were inconsistent with death by drowning.

Natalie Wood died after an evening aboard their boat of drunken partying and subsequent with her husband, Robert Wagner and their guest, Christopher Walken.  Also on board was the boat’s captain, Dennis Davern.  The Natalie Wood case burst open after being dormant for 30 years last November when detectives were forced to undertake a homicide investigation. On March 11, 2010 Wood’s sister, Lana Wood, stated that she was going to ask that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to reopen the case of her sister’s death. On November 17, 2011, the department said that it would re-open the case based on new information they had received from boat captain Davern and other witnesses.

Davern said in a statement that he distinctly heard Wagner tell his late wife, Natalie, ‘Get Off My F**king Boat,’ while the two were engaged in a heated argument.  This statement, along with the unexplained bruising, is more than enough to warrant a new and thorough investigation.  Davern also told police that he was threatened by Wagner not to discuss the events that took place on the boat the night of Natalie’s death.

TMZ reports as an exclusive:  Natalie Wood‘s death certificate has been changed from “Accident” to “Undetermined” … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the L.A. County Coroner filed documents making the change late last month.

Members of Wood’s family tell TMZ … detectives from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department — which has reopened the death investigation — paid them a visit earlier today informing them of the change. They tell us … detectives told them the change was made in part because some of the bruises on Wood’s body were inconsistent with death by drowning.

Family members add … they were told at this point authorities can’t prove definitively Wood’s death was accidental or the result of foul play. Detectives did tell family members Wood’s death was definitely from drowning, but the way she ended up in the water is unclear.

Law enforcement sources tell us their investigation is still active.

Christopher Walken was already in his cabin, passed out, when Natalie died.  So in order to crack the case police are going to have to get Robert Wagner to tell the truth.  We believe that Wagner has little incentive to do so…

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