Phillip Phillips Won: Was American Idol 2012 Fixed?

Renier Palland

Phillip Phillips won the competition but was American Idol 2012 fixed?  The rather underwhelming season of American Idol came to a conclusion last night at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Phillip Phillips walked away as the winner of the 2012 season and Joshua Ledet did a duet with a macabre looking Fantasia. All’s fair in love and Idol, or is it?

In the final two sing-off against Jessica Sanchez, Phillips sang his winning single Home, and received critical acclaim across the board for his Mumford and Sons sound-alike. Phillips’ strategy this entire season was to be nonchalant, laid-back and be all Paul McCartney, “doing it because of the music”. His strategy and on-stage persona paid off in the end, making him the winner of the biggest Idol (and television) vote in human history. I am a thousand percent sure Phillips will continue on to have one of the best careers in the history of this show and deservedly so, surely we didn’t want another flop like Taylor Hicks?

Many viewers of the show expressed their outrage and disgust at the elimination of Joshua Ledet in the final three vote-off, but what made Joshua and the superb Jessica Sanchez lose out on the title of American Idol? Fans of the show proclaimed vote rigging and some even blamed the Mayans. Hysterics galore, nothing saved the show from being semi-predictable. Joshua Ledet was decapitated due to a contriving and polarizing attitude on stage. Poor little Jessica lost out due to being a “sound-alike” as stated by the millions of Phillips fans. This has become an evident issue throughout this show’s juggernaut history, losing iotas of integrity along the way. The Kris Allen/Adam Lambert debacle crippled the show’s powerful punch and viewership declined in the seasons thereafter.

Is Phillips a deserving Idol winner? A hundred percent yes. Is the show always a talent competition? The jury’s still out on that one.

3 responses to “Phillip Phillips Won: Was American Idol 2012 Fixed?”

  1. Als says:

    let’s be honest. american idol must savour the current hype it’s lavished with from this season’s show before it will tragically retaliate and find the show grasping for a life’s breath. whilst phillips is another favourite of mine, jessica sanchez clearly brought a showdown and an amasing soar to AI’s ratings with her passionate legion of supporters from around the world. however annoying these supporters can get, they still bring the life back to a deadening show which it has clearly become if not for this season especially JS fans. after all, the overlooked essence of a talent reality show is it feeds on its prime existence which is “competitiveness”. if not for the annoying army behind JS and JS herself, AI is just as exciting as any previous AI season can get. with that said, if Jessica won, AI would have successfully revived itself and season 11 would be the first page of a high-rating succeeding seasons, a new beginning for AI, which is badly needed considering it already has a lot of seasons under its chain. but now that Phillips won, 5th white guy with guitar to win, then everyone might just resign and retire for expecting “the trend will never ever change”. Poor American Idol. The celebration now is nothing but a confirmation to the show’s obvious suicide. Congrats for the festivities now, though. ;)

  2. ANewDay says:

    I wish somebody can explain honestly why the consecutive WGWG are unique and “breath of fresh air” compared to other obviously talented contestants – performance wise and voice quality. Were they the best performers on the show? The best vocals perhaps? …or maybe bec. they’re the hotest good-looking guys? What area do they excel (talent-wise)? I wish all contestants well. I just want to point out that unfair treatment is never good and nobody wants to be treated unfairly. 

  3. AuronZanark says:

    American Idol XI was clearly fixed. This is my biggest disappointment in American Idol history. It was obvious from the beginning that Phillip Phillips would win, but at the end of the day, the true winner is Jessica Sanchez. Jessica’s audition was montaged, while Phillip’s audition got top billing. When I think of American Idol XI, I think of it as the season with the runner-up who happens to be the best singer in the show’s 13-season run (Jessica Sanchez) and the most undeserving winner (Phillip Phillips). Jessica Sanchez is at the top of my chart of the 156 American Idol finalists in the show’s 13-season run, and Phillip Phillips is at the bottom of my chart. I’d very much rather pay to see Jessica Sanchez in concert at a 1,000 seat venue than to pay to see Phillip Phillips in concert at a 75,000 seat venue.